Question of the day: Can I bring a friend to my boudoir session?

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This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is SURE!


Your boudoir session is not the place to bring the critical (or overly honest) friend (those are awesome to have in some cases, but not in the boudoir shoot!). You want to bring a friend who will be your cheerleader, support you and encourage you! You don't want a distraction, the friend who will only be talking about their boy drama, telling stories about themselves, or making cringe faces while you're getting your makeup done because they don't like a certain eyeshadow.

Bring the friend who will make you laugh, tell you how beautiful you look, and remind you why you're doing this for yourself!

..And should she decide (in advance) that she wants to do a session as well, you can both do them the same day and each receive a discount towards your session! Party time!

And as always, some eye candy for you, just because: 

boudoir shoot in washington, dc
boudoir shoot in washington, dc