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Unless you're like me, chances are a boudoir session isn't something you see or do every day. Heck, I don't even 'do' a boudoir session every day. If it IS something that you do every day, then why are you reading this? You know everything! Shoo!

I kid.  

 Most of my clients, be it here in Atlanta, midtown Manhattan, or downtown Chicago have come in to a boudoir session being on the edge of clueless. Have no fear, people! We're here for ya! 

Here are some FAQ's that you may be thinking or may not think to ask that will be helpful when you've got boudoir on the brain:

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  1.  Where are we doing this?  

    • Piedmont park. Just kidding- Most boudoir sessions take place in my studio in midtown Atlanta :)  When I travel for sessions I will book a studio or a shooting space at my discretion, although anyone (here or there!) with an awesome idea for a shooting location can absolutely let me know! I've photographed at hotels (like the above image), private homes, and secluded beaches and parks. There will be music, even if I have to sing it, your beverage of choice, and a lot of awkward posing that miraculously looks like a photoshoot for Vouge. 
  2. How many changes of clothes should I bring?  

    • While the amount of wardrobe that we'll use for your session varies on the type of package we book for you, I always recommend bringing 2 additional wardrobe changes in case something doesn't work out. My client manager, Kelsey, will assist you almost immediately after booking with what to wear and where to shop. We'll curate your wardrobe for you BEFORE you arrive so that you aren't stuck backing up a U-Haul full of Nordstrom bags to my studio door. I also have a boudoir closet in-studio and that I tote with me from city to city. You are welcome to substitute your wardrobe with anything from my collection! 
  3. Will it just be the two of us during the shoot?  Assistants or anyone else there?

    • Usually it will just be the two of us, but occasionally Ryan Gosling stops by. :)
  4. How much "airbrushing" do you do?

    • I like some airbrushing, but I won't make you look unrecognizable. I am no stranger to stretch marks, c-section scars, liposuction scars, battle wounds, cellulite, pocks, or accident marks. Life throws things at us all of the time and sometimes our bodies get caught in the middle. It'll be up to you on what I do and don't take out. Once your session is booked, or even before, just let me know if there is anything you'd like for me to pay attention to.  
  5. I bought this corset kind of thing...can you help me get into it if I can't get in myself?

  • In shorter terms: Yes. It's my job to be there for you to figure out which strap goes where, whether or not your lingerie is upside down, and to staple you in to a corset if I need to. I can help you get into anything. We'll be really close by the end of the shoot.
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