Boudoir for two? | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Call it a residual effect of having spent part of Thanksgiving in Seattle... but my recent boudoir photos have been quite moody. I've found myself a bit more attached the the darker shadows, grain, and grayness. In fact, after typing that out I realize that I *must* be influenced by the Seattle vibes (Google 'Seattle' weather' for clarity). I'm ok with that.

As the winter season approaches and the gray settles in I really look forward to shooting. Recently a past client came into the studio to let me experiment with a few different settings and poses in my new studio. I've loved working with her in the past and this time she brought me a little surprise. She was pregnant! Woot woot! Let's do some dark and emotionally sensual images because WHY NOT? Start that baby off with some attitude. Since she ALSO used to work around the music industry I feel like this photography session is only making her baby way cooler. 

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