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I've wanted a new piece of furniture for our boudoir studio for a while. However, I knew that any new piece I added would need to have a function to it. Storage is all that I could come up with, until I saw a neighborhood posting. 


While growing up my parents made my brothers and I (there are three of us all together) take piano lessons. I say "made" because we would kick and scream in order to avoid practicing, and my parents would watch us (or close the door) until we stopped and reluctantly touched the keys again. 

Fast forward to many years later (mannnyyyyyyyy years), I have a new appreciation for piano and I actually miss playing. I miss playing so much that I knew immediately that my new piece of "furniture" would actually need to be a piano. A piano neeeeeeeded to be in my life. I could not only revisit a semi-beloved creative outlet, I could have a killer prop for the boudoir studio. Plus, I'm of course going to teach my clients piano lessons during their boudoir sessions. Duh. 

Well, my dreams came true and my habit of perusing internet yard-sale sites paid off. 

I found a piano. 

The story of how I actually GOT this piano and was able to move it in to my studio (I think it weighs 700lbs) is something that you'll have to ask me at your boudoir session. 

For now, it's working as a great addition to our studio and my musical brain. 

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