"I feel pretty" ...a kind-of movie review | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Having wine and carbs and seeing a lighthearted movie together is basically the most OG of the girl's nights. When all else fails, laughter and a little fermented grape will mostly do the trick! 


Last night myself and two girlfriends did just that. We'd planned this in advance in order to make sure none of us were all booked up (because, you know, life) and made a pact to get together at 5:30pm on a Friday night. We're all adults here and so we were realllyyyyyy trying to hit those early-bird specials. 

On the agenda? Dinner-ish and a movie! The movie we picked? "I Feel Pretty", the new Amy Schumer film about a woman that bumps her head at Soul Cycle and wakes up thinking that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Now... spoilers ahead, so if you don't want them then don't read this...although you could probably guess how the movie resolved.

To be honest, I came in to the movie thinking it was going to be more on the lines with the Jack Black film "Shallow Hal". I was prepared for that.

What I wasn't prepared for, and what I loved SO much about the movie is that the entire movie is really about falling in love with who you are at this very moment int he world. 

Unlike Shallow Hal, you never see a different body type that is portraying an "ideal" that Amy Schumer's character thinks she has become. Instead, the bump on her head symbolizes the smack-in-the-face that we all need sometimes when it comes to how we view ourselves. A kind of a wake-up-call that resets our views. 

Her character wakes up and has so much love and appreciation for her OWN self. As you watch her take on new friends, boyfriends, job opportunities, etc you can't help but be inspired and wonder "What if we all walked around with as much confidence and love for ourselves as we deserve". 

I love that you see Amy's character as herself the entire time, the only thing changing is her self-confidence. The message of the movie is inspiring and reminds me so much of the purpose of OWN boudoir. During the movie one of my girlfriends whispered over to me "this is exactly how you make people feel every day". Cue tear-shed. 

So... I would absolutely recommend this movie, if not only for the message but also because Michelle Williams in a comedy role is the absolute best and everyone really needs to see that, too.

I feel f***ing hot,