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Being an Atlanta Boudoir photographer, and knowing how fast this city is expanding, I know that there are so many wonderful boudoir photographers for you to choose from and no reason why you should choose me. However, when you peruse the interwebz, the Googles, the Instagrams, ask your friends, and still end up with knowing I'm the best boudoir photographer for you.... that is just special.

If I turn it around on you and you come to me with a whole list of reasons why you aren't going to look great in your photos and then I show you the beautiful person inside you (that also happens to have a great butt)... that is just special, too. 

Here is a client interview that describes the feeling of seeing yourself through different eyes. It may have been a wedding gift to her fiancé, but it definitely ended up being for her OWN self. 




1. How old are you?

I am 28 years old


2. Describe what you do on a day to day basis (or for your job!)

I am a CT technologist for a living.


3. What was the reason you chose to have a boudoir session in the first place?

the who/why I finally did these pictures was for my now HUBBY as a wedding present!!


4. Describe your fears (if any!) that you might have had going in to this session.

Yes, I actually had a lot of fears going into the shoot, about my own body really, and esp allowing someone to photograph it!!!! 


5. How did you even find out about OWN, or boudoir in general?

I saw one of your pictures on Instagram, and had always wanted to do a shoot like this, but never really had the confidence until I saw your pictures!


6. How was your session? 

It was WAAAAYYYYY better than I ever could have imagined. you made me feel so incredibly comfortable, I felt like we had been friends for 10 years! You completely dissolved any fears that I had walking in, within the first 5 mins of meeting you!!


7. Tell us about what you loved the most!!

My favorite part of the whole experience was seeing the pictures for the first time and realizing that that was actually me in the photos. I loved seeing my husbands face when he opened the pictures, but the confidence that it gave me when I first saw them is unreal.


8. How has the reaction to your photos been?

The response that I got from my husband was "WOW!!" He absolutely loved them and could not stop looking at them!


9. What advice would you offer to those considering a boudoir session (not just with OWN!)?

My advice to anyone thinking about doing a boudoir photo shoot would be absolutely, hands down, 100% DO IT!!!!!!!! It is something that I put off for a long time (thankfully I did because I found THE BEST photographer to do it) but I am so happy that I finally chose to do it. It gave me a confidence that I haven't had In a long time!!!


10. Looking back, is there anything that has changed since you walked through the door of the studio?

I honestly do look at my body different now since after the photo shoot, I feel as if I have a confidence that I didn't quite have before. and if it is at all possible, I even feel that my husband looks at me a little differently now too. We both will cherish these photos forever!!!