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Recently I took a dream vacation to Greece, Europe, Planet Earth. While I would now love to flood your eyes with images of the Aegean Sea, cobblestone streets, and cities older than Jesus, I will use self control (that being said, go ahead and let me know if you want me to talk your ear off about the trip and show you beautiful photos through my cracked iPhone screen). 


The Greece vacation was a major result of a minor decision. 


Sometime in December 2016 I had a series of margaritas with a boudoir client-turned-margarita partner. We bonded over recent breakups, past boudoir sessions, our love for tiny dogs, and the inescapable feeling of wanderlust. Maybe it was the impending new year, maybe it was the margaritas, maybe it was Maybelline, but we declared 2017 to be the ‘year of YAS’. 


That’s ‘YAS’ with an ‘A’, because that’s how you say ‘yes’ when you realllllly mean it. 


Walking out of that conversation had me feeling a little drunk and a lot inspired. Saying ‘YAS’, or ‘yes’ for the remainder of this blog post, for this year seemed absolutely terrifying to my very-comfortable and predictable life. At the end of our time together my friend asked me “Hey do you want to go to Greece in May?” and not wanting to completely void the last 2.5 hours I enthusiastically responded “Yes”.


Fast forward to today, we’re about 6 months removed from the margarita madness and ‘Year of yes’ blood-pact and I’m proud to say that I have lived fully, wonderfully, irresponsibly, thoughtfully, creatively, and openly. I’m not sure what my next ‘YES’ will be but I recently said ‘yes’ to being in a new relationship, and that has been as much of a whirlwind-mind-blast as it could have ever been. Saying ‘yes’ may have the same effect on your heart rate as 12 cups of coffee and a 5hr energy drink, but it has a greater chance of opening you up to a wider variety of positive experiences in your life. 


There aren’t ever really any signs of what you might miss out on, there is only hindsight. A year, or a season, or a DAY of ‘yes’ can be a great thing for all of us. 


Whatever it means for you, let’s all “Say yes to your OWN adventure.”


Say ‘yes’ to: new relationships, tap dancing lessons, volunteering, trying new foods (unless your allergic), seeing a movie alone, making a life change, being photographed (hello boudoir!), cutting negativity out of your life, moving across the country, etc. 


After all, this is your OWN adventure. 

In love and spontaneity, 


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