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Where do you even shop for underwear that is pretty, looks great on your contorted and posed body, and is also not stupidly trendy and dated?

Girl, I'm glad you asked! We've come up with a list of the top places that never fail when it comes to outfitting you for your boudoir session. A few of them have brick-and-mortars here in Atlanta (as well as other cities) and a few are online only! When coming up with this list we considered a variety of things that are important with regards to lingerie shopping. 

1) There is a wide range of specific sizing available, not just S-M-L-XL. Tailored sizing is so important... it can be the difference between boobs-to-the-knees and perkiness. 

2) Styles on these sites are not exactly 'trendy'. I say that to mean that you'll be able to look back at these images without immediately recognizing the year/decade they were taken. We are looking to make sure that your boudoir images stay relevant and classy. 

3) These sites/stores have AMAZING shipping/return/exchange policies. It can be so hard to shop online or in-store and know exactly the size/style you're looking for. These sites allow for the freedom of buying multiple styles and sizes without the risk of not being able to return them. I shop on allllllllllllllllllll of the time and I will order 5 of the same thing because WHO EVEN KNOWS what size will fit...and they offer free returns. You need that freedom in your life.

4) Styles are unique. This is incredibly important because I don't want you to try and fit your beautifully unique personality into some generic mass-produced rhinestone push-up bra. All of these places offer unique styles to fit your personality. You will find sweet, salty, kinky, F***ed up, playful, etc. Let all of the shades of your personality shine :) 

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Without further ado: 



3) (YES. Anything from thigh-highs to bras to lingerie to robes to shoes to body chains)

4) Hips and Curves

5) Cacique

6) Agent Provocateur

7) La Perla

8) Nancy Meyer

9) Anna Bella Fine Lingere *****Local Brick-and Mortar store!!! tell them we sent you!!

10) Trashy Diva ******Local Brick and Mortar store!!! tell them we sent you!!


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