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If you've had your boudoir session already, your are having a boudoir session soon, or your are entertaining the thought of having a boudoir session there is one common element of 'panic' that is experienced: Preparation

The. Horror.


Preparing for your boudoir session can be an extremely stressful process... but stress no more as I have created a list of the top tips to help you prepare. Listen, I'm looking out for you and want to make sure you're guided through this experience the whole way through! Of course if you'd like to show up to the boudoir studio blindly just to 'see what happens' then you totally can! It'll be an adventure for both of us, but I can't promise not to put you in one of the old halloween costumes that I have around here. 

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1) Read through this blog. 

Hey look at you, you're checking off that first crucial step! This post will absolutely help, and if you continue on to read other posts you'll find a wealth of information about how to make sure that you are beyond prepared for your boudoir shoot. Of course there are many articles about wardrobe and posing, but you'll also get a feel for my personality and my style of boudoir. Save images that you like, ask me about times of day to shoot, take an emotional journey with me through my mom's breast-cancer diagnoses. No matter what your boudoir questions are, reading and keeping up-to-date with us is the best prep that you can do!


2) Try on your outfits.

You'd be so surprised on how many clients come in for their boudoir session with the majority of their wardrobe still in plastic shipping bags or UPS boxes. Lingerie is so fickle. Straps can twist, necklines can be just a HAIR off, the butt of your underwear can be saggy, or a silhouette can be completely wrong for your body. Trying the lingerie on will help to solve the majority of any avoidable wardrobe problems and give you plenty of time to exchange or return those items that didn't work! If you're unsure of where to even start with wardrobe, or whether or not a lingerie piece is a good fit for you then send us a text/email and we'll help out... it's in everyone's best interest to make sure that you look your best!


3) Talk to us about hair and makeup. Bring in examples of what YOU consider natural/smokey/vintage/etc. Should you be getting your hair/makeup done elsewhere then look to us for tips and suggestions on what will look best!! 

Have you ever described an article of clothing/a house/a chair/etc to someone and had a totally different opinion on what the color of that item was? It usually goes something like this:

You: "Oh wow I love that beige colored house!!"

Them: "Beige house? You mean that yellow one?"

You: "What yellow house? I am talking about that one right there on the corner. The beige one."

Them: "Honey boo boo that is yellow."

This is a perfect representation of how conversations can go when talking about hair and makeup. One person's smokey eye is another person's 'vintage cat eye'. One person's 'volume all over' is another person's 'OMG my hair is way too big'. Bring in examples of what you love and we can make sure that we talk in depth about what it takes to create that look for you!

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4) Stretch- it's a workout. 

No joke. Posing is hard. Not only will you walk away with a new appreciate for anyone that has ever modeled, you'll also walk away a bit sore! You hold awkward contortions for minutes at a time and there is a lot of over-extension of your hips and back. Please stretch! Drink plenty of water! Do NOT over-workout the day before your session. Soreness and stiffness is just going to increase and it can really hinder your ability to do the poses that I ask you to do. Since you're looking to me to make sure you're posed and create those incredible curves then please be prepared to let me mold you like Gumby. :) 

5) Make sure your wardrobe is prepared for being photographed. Organize it, steam if needed, hang in a garment bag, etc. 

I know that so many of you are trying your hardest to keep this boudoir session a secret. Hell... a lot of you are flying in from out of town in order to have your boudoir photoshoot. You can't exactly have all of your negligees hanging up for all to see and you can't exactly have them unwrinkled from being stuffed in a suitcase. I get it! However, having something balled up in a bag for 3 months is different from having it balled up for 3 days... give your lingerie some breathing room every now and then, but if it is absolutely impossible then let me know! You can always mail your items to the studio and I can hold them here for you :) 

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6) Make sure all of you is groomed. Photoshop is a poor hair-remover tool, self tanner, and nail technician. Take care of any waxing/plucking/shaving/polishing that you may need. Chemical peels and waxing need to be done a week before.

It'll take a little bit of extra planning, but make sure that you take the time to groom any parts of you that have the potential to be showcased. Waxing/plucking/polishing are just as important as finding the right lingerie for your boudoir session. That being said, only do what you are comfortable with! Do not feel like you need to come in hairless or with a french manicure. This session is about your OWN beauty, and it is important that you still retain your individuality!

7) Look up directions, pre-plan your route, take down addresses and phone numbers.

At this point it is hard to predict whether or not Atlanta will still be standing since all of our roads are starting to collapse, but that is even more reason to make sure that you plan your route! While we do our best to provide detailed directions to the studio, you'll be far less stressed out on the day of your shoot if you know where you're going :)

8) Make sure to wear loose clothing.

Come dressed in clothing that doesn't make heavy marks in your skin, impressions from jeans/yoga pants/sports bras/etc can take a long time to disappear. If you're coming straight from work or if for some reason it is impossible to come dressed in a mumu then bring a change of clothes with you that we can immediately put on! Marks in the skin have definitely been a part of boudoir sessions before.... but they are a different kind of mark :) 

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9) Pack extra everything.

Thigh highs rip, lingerie shrinks, shirts get stained, and somedays we just feel 'blah' in an outfit that used to make us walk as tall as Gisele. For this reason I recommend packing extra everything. Bring more thigh-highs, bring a couple of extra outfit changes, pack your own makeup, bring an extra pair of earrings. We don't want to let anything get in the way of you looking incredible!!


10) Trust us. 

Above all, this is the most important part of your shoot. Posing will feel awkward, makeup may feel too heavy, and it's odd to have someone strapping a garter belt under your butt. Remember that all of these things are part of the process of ensuring that you have the most gorgeous boudoir images ever. I'll never let you take a bad picture, but that might mean that you're twisted in a pretzel with your gut hanging out on one side. However, I'll take the picture and show you the back of my camera and you'll


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