Yo, Chicago! Guess what.... | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

In just two short months I'll be flying from Atlanta, headed to the Golden Circle and the home of some of the most delicious food, beautiful architecture, and ....sexy ladies! This will be my third time in Chicago for boudoir sessions, and I am so excited! I love Atlanta, but Chicago in the summer time is unmatched. 

Chicago holds a big piece of my boudoir heart because it's the site of my OWN boudoir session (my first one!) almost 6 years ago. Those images are still displayed proudly in my house for all of my friends and visitors to see. They are great conversation starters ;) 

If you'd like a conversation starter of your own, or you know someone that would enjoy a boudoir session with OWN (and happens to be in Chicago) then get in touch with us!! 

Dates for Chicago are: August 4-6th! The 5th is fully booked, but there is still availability on the 4th and the 6th! 

Remember that referrals (and referrers) get a 20% discount on sessions and/or products! 


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