In your Calvins.... the CK boudoir wardrobe!

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Lately there has been such a resurgence of the Calvin Klein (“check me out in my Calvins”) campaign. It’s all over Instagram, and it’s BEEN all over Pinterest. 

Of course, I've loved this look since Christy Turlington first came on the scene looking so au naturale with her wet hair, 90s jeans, and Calvin Klein set. She started the whole I-woke-up-like-this look (sorry, Beyonce).  Since then women around the world have gravitated toward the simple cotton set that weirdly became an icon. Of course we had a brief moment of pause while we all gravitated toward french-maid outfits produced by Victoria's Secret..... but I think we're past that. Hopefully. I haven't seen a lot of french maid outfits at VS lately.

Words cannot express how much I love this look! The soft grey, bright white band, and sharp black of the Calvin Klein logo are such a simple statement. Let’s be honest…. the ‘Calvin Klein’ look is probably a lot closer to what we wear on a day-to-day basis than say…. a studded and strappy Agent Provocateur corset. Though, if you rock a corset pretty much every day you can easily be considered my girl-crush. 


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The ‘look’ has a lot of diversity, despite it being just a sports bra and undies set. 


For those of you looking to keep your images on the more conservative side, this set is a perfect way to be playful, sexy, and a bit coy without showing off your secret parts :) (or whatever parts).


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For those of you looking to ramp up the sensuality and possibly push it over to the more kinky side, then this set really allows you to pull, push, and play with it. The lack of structure in the bra and undies actually allows more of YOU to be seen (pull it off of your shoulders to give a peak at you breast, push the undies down off of your hips to show off your curves… there are so many possibilities!). 

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And now, as a heads up I wanted to let you know that the traditional grey and white CK sets can be found (as of Thursday Feb 4th in Atlanta) at local TJ Maxxs and Marshalls. I'm imagining that this same sale extends throughout the country. Let's all hope (for your boudoir purposes) that it is.

 The TJ Maxx and Marshalls versions will run you a bit less than buying them at Nordstrom or off of the CK website, though sizing options may run a bit more scarce. 

A couple of tips for those looking to add this to their boudoir wardrobe:

  1. The bands around the waist and bust tend to be a little tighter, so to avoid any muffin-top or bra-bulge go ahead and size up
  2.  For smaller butts, your best bet is for a bikini or thong. For larger buts your best bet is for the boy shorts or the thong. 
  3. Grey sets and white sets tend to photograph better than the black sets. 
  4. If the sports bra isn't the look you love then consider a t-shirt bra to pair with the CK bottoms. You could also consider going topless, adding a sheer shirt, or adding a long jersey robe.


Check out this recent beauty’s Atlanta birthday boudoir shoot. She kept it natural in her Calvins and a gorgeous white tee :) 

calvin klein nudes
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(Side note, CK….lemme know if you need me to advertise for you. Holler.) 



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