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Ladies, meet Hope! She comes to us from a background of working in commercials and living in New York City. So fancy. She will tell you about her favorite products, what to do to get what you want from your makeup artist, and what NOT to do with makeup in your daily life (sorry, Kardashians). 

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1. What is your background and what led you to this profession?

I started doing makeup for theater in high school! After high school I moved to New York to attend Make-Up Designory. I interned on movies in New York for a few years. My first job was an AT&T commercial in Atlanta, from there I started working in commercials, and my career took off from there. I’ve been doing this 4.5 years in Atlanta and I love it!!!

2. What is your fave skin care / beauty product? 

My favorite skin care regiment is Clarisonic... it has changed my life!! I am acne prone; it really deep cleans out your pores. It has totally changed my skin. 

My favorite Beauty product is NARS foundation - specifically, I love the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. It’s really thin, but you can build it up so that it covers a lot. Also, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup and there are a ton of shades. 

3. What is your fave skin care brand? 

Origins!! I use a lot of their face masks, and their creams and face washes are also great. 

4. Favorite makeup brand?

It’s a tie - I would say that NARS for skin and Hourglass for color for eye makeup and blush - their products are simply luxurious!

5. What is something you wish people would stop doing with makeup? 

Hands down, the contouring trend! Especially for weddings. Some contouring looks good but contouring looks more natural in photos or videos. It can be very obvious in person.

Also, over-outlining the lips (sorry, Kylie Jenner) is a close second. 

6. What is one of your fave makeup tricks for boudoir, and for life?

I love individual lashes (not the strip eyelashes). They add so much length and volume and they never look like you’re wearing lashes if they are done right. Sometimes the strips can look very obvious and I like for them to look as natural as possible.

7. What are three things that boudoir clients sitting in the makeup chair should know? 

a. The first thing - Know that I want you to feel as beautiful as you want to feel. Give me open and honest communication about you want... you can give me negative feedback, because it turns into positive feedback in your photos. I don’t take it personally; I want you to feel really pretty!!

b. Bring in or show me pictures of what you look like on a normal day (in normal makeup, and/or what you consider a photo of yourself wearing a "lot" of makeup), as well as reference photos (of how you want to look for your session). and make sure they aren’t completely different (pixie cut if you have long hair). this gives us a idea of what you are comfortable with wearing. 

c. Don’t be self conscious of your skin/hair, or focused on what you perceive as imperfections. We aren’t thinking about that, we are focused on the great things about you that we can enhance. 

8. How can clients prepare for hair and makeup before they come in? 

a. Have clean, dry hair. Some people might think second day hair is good or more manageable to work with, but it’s easier for us to make your hair that way by adding product and/or teasing, versus making it clean if you come in with it too dirty or oily. Always err on the side of cleaner hair - NO products. Just shampooed and dried, naked hair.

b. Have a clean face…a moisturized clean face. This important because makeup will set best on skin that has the moisturizer already set in. If I have to add moisturizer before your makeup I have to wait until it dries, or your makeup will just not set as well.

c. Tell me about any sensitivities or allergies (including latex and gluten), or bring some of your own stuff that you are comfortable wearing. 

9. What can my clients do to help you with your job and make it go smoothly? 

Really explaining what you want is most helpful. This can be hard if you don't usually wear a lot of makeup, but you can just bring in a photo of what you like. I can't emphasize enough to just be honest! And, give me feedback on how things are looking during the process. 

10. What is the best way for a client to let you know they aren’t feeling what you’re doing? 

Just speak up, and try to be specific - is it your eyebrows? Eyelashes? Eyeliner? Let me know if there is anything that you are worried about or self conscious of (for example, a lot of people feel that way about their eyebrows).  

11. Do you have any last words or advice to anyone coming in for a boudoir session? 

Don’t be worried or stressed out; know that Sarah's studio is a really pleasant environment! Sarah has a great energy and is so positive and encouraging... you’re going to feel great!! 

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