"So, can you photoshop my....."

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My answer depends on the end of that question. Rolls, yes. Bad makeup, no.  I'll spend hours of editing to make your skin tone even, so I just ask you to respect the shoot and not bake in the tanning bed, or wear sunscreen if you are going to Cancun the week before your shoot. However, I will forgive you if it's October and there are leftovers from the summer. 

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A photoshoot is not the time to go without makeup, and I can't photoshop in makeup. I'm not telling you you look bad without it, but the way the camera captures skin isn't flattering. Even if it's just a foundation base, clear gloss, and having your eyebrows done - that would be great!

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Basically - don't rely heavily on the idea that I can "just photoshop it"... if you don't cut the tags off because you plan on returning the lingerie/robe/hopefullynotpanties, find a way to get rid of the tags. 

If you're concerned about looking TOO photoshopped, don't worry. I won't make you look plastic, I just even things out. I can take away stretch marks, scars, bra bulge, and tattoos.If you are concerned about wanting to look skinny, the way that I pose you is going to be your best friend. However if you're coming into the session wanting me to photoshop you into looking stick thin, you've got the wrong photographer. My point is to help embrace who you are, and I don't want you to expect me to do otherwise. 

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