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"How far in advance should I book?"


This is THE question. The short answer - contact me 3 months in advance. Miracles have happened in less time, but you will be most likely to have the most success in booking your boudoir session (and getting the date you want) the further out you ask!


There are busy times to every season, so if you're thinking you want a session for your wedding, or Christmas, chances are that 2,398 other women are also thinking the same thing :). Seriously. 2,398. It is never too early to start thinking ahead. Boudoir sessions are becoming increasingly popular and so you're never alone in thinking/knowing what a great experience and idea this is. 

If you're reading this and you have realized "S***! My wedding/birthday/anniversary/sail around the world is in 2 months!" - don't worry, I won't bite!! I will do my best to accommodate you, and as I mentioned... miracles always happen :)

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