OWN Boudoir Makeup Artist Spotlight: Cameron

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Today's boudoir makeup artist spotlight is on Cameron! She is our creative beach girl bombshell with a fashion degree from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). We are so glad she decided to make her own way in the makeup artist industry! Read on to learn her tips, tricks, and what NOT to do with makeup.

own boudoir makeup artist atlanta

1. What is your background? How did you come to be a makeup / hair artist?

I am a beach girl! For college, I went to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and majored in fashion. After I graduated, I freelanced for Stila Cosmetics and juggled fashion and makeup for awhile. Eventually I realized that as a creative person, I need to be more hands on, so I began doing makeup more full time!  

2. What is your favorite beauty product - skin care and makeup?

For makeup: Mascara in general  - your makeup just doesn't look finished without it. My favorite brand is Maybelline Colossal...It wears well and doesn’t flake. 

My favorite makeup brand is MAC Cosmetics. Good quality and what you see is what you get! Excellent color payoff too.

For skincare: The Simple brand cleanser and wipes. I also use Aquafor under my eyes when I sleep.

own boudoir makeup artist atlanta

3. What is something you wish people would stop doing with makeup? 

Right now, there is a huge eyebrow trend... if it's unnatural looking, stop it! My advice is to just follow your natural shape.. if it is too heavy then it distracts from your eyes and/or your smile. 

4. What is your favorite makeup trick? 

Finding ways to make makeup last - for example, powder lips before color because it sets the lipstick to last a little longer. 

5. What are 3 things that people sitting in the makeup chair need to know? 

1. Communicate - To reiterate the makeup artists before me - Im not judging you! Tell me about you and what you like; it’s my job to recognize your strengths and bring those things out. 

2. Know that makeup has to look heavier before it goes on camera, so expect to see more makeup on your face than you might typically wear!

3. Be confident - Trust that you’re in good hands, we are professionals that are here to make you feel good about yourself... it’s our JOB! It’s in your best interest to trust us, because it’s in our best interest to make sure you look incredible.

6. How can clients prepare for the makeup?

Arrive with a super clean face and clean, dry hair. Wear something comfortable so you can relax! Let us know about allergies, what kind of skin type you have, and let us know about your skin care regimen. 

OWN boudoir makeup artist atlanta

7. What can my clients do to help you out with your job to make sure what goes smoothly? 

Bringing in a picture helps! Be prepared to say what do you like about the image...the bold eye? The light lips? Help me help you, and be straightforward. I work for YOU. 

8. What is the best way for clients to let you know if they aren’t feeling what you’re doing ? 

It just goes back to open communication and honesty. Be clear and have an idea, or if you don’t, then let’s talk about your best features. I’m ok if you’re not happy; it’s very easy to go backwards. 

9. Any last words?

This is for you! Make the most of it and be confident...or just fake it till you make it.  Either way, a positive attitude always helps. Know that we are a team of support and encouragement!

own boudoir makeup artist atlanta