Bringing friends to Boudoir sessions 101

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Question of the day: "Can I bring a friend for moral support?" 

YES! However, I request that you abide by the following rules (for the session and also for your LIFE): 

  • Must be supportive. No toxic friends making backhanded compliments, for example: 'that doesn't make you look as big as that other outfit'/'hopefully he will recognize you in these pictures'/'wow that makes you look lot different'. I will kick them out and you need to kick them out of your life. 
  • Leave the crazies at home. I understand that everyone has a 'fun crazy' friend, but you also have that 'crazy crazy' friend. Leave miss cray-cray at home. We don't need dramatic anecdotes from them or the constant drawing of attention to them. The session is about you, not about whatever life event is about to land them on an episode of Judge Judy. 
  • No photographers. You likely have a friend that is a photographer, or is working her way into the business. That is GREAT! However, when it comes to this session it is about you and you only. This isn't an appropriate place for them to direct the shoot or give me suggestions, and this isn't the forum for them to learn how to do things. 
  • No dudes. Husbands, boyfriends, or friends that are male are not allowed in the studio during the shoot. They are welcome to stay around for hair and makeup if they'd like, but not during the shoot.
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