How far in advance should I book a boudoir session?

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The short answer: 3-4 weeks minimum. To make sure we aren't rushing with planning and to make sure that everything can be back in your hands by whatever deadline you have, book no later than 3-4 weeks out. Over the next few weeks, we will plan out your session - I will make sure that you get outfits together, communicate your image preferences, discuss style, etc. Therefore, you will need time to actually look through your closet, pin items to Pinterest (and look at my Pinterest boards), go shopping, and lotion up well.  This length of time also gives us some cushion in case UPS or USPS is slightly delayed. 

Understandably, there are some instances in which you get the bright idea to do a boudoir shoot at 3am and your deadline is 5 days later. That's doable but you better email me at 3am so we can plan for the next 120 hours. 

laughing boudoir
boudoir in sheets

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