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If you're like me, you've probably been on Pinterest since day one... and have a gazillion mac-and-cheese-with-bacon recipes, perfect Fall outfits that are repined by 400 people a week, and your home is now super organized from all the DIY pins you've added to your 'home" board. Okay, maybe 2 out of 3...

You should consider spicing things up a bit and following OWN on Pinterest! Follow me here. I have done all the hard work for you - I've got boards with outfit ideas, suggestions on what to wear for your body type, and beautiful photographs for your viewing pleasure and to motivate you for your upcoming session! 

I will also follow your secret lingerie and boudoir boards and get an idea of what you have in mind. You probably already have a 'makeup' board, but this one will be secret, so don't worry - for my eyes only. 

Here it is! 

Click the image above to go to my pinterest board! 

Click the image above to go to my pinterest board! 

Here's an example of my body-type boards - Plus Size women, pay attention here!

As you can see, I will offer specific advice - I'm cutting out the hard work for you. There are also boards for athletic bodies, petites, smaller-chested women, and more. Here are some fabulous examples of non-lingerie boudoir photography!

Follow my other wardrobe suggestions and idea boards such as classy, kinky, and flirty

Do you have suggestions for a Pinterest board that would be helpful to you or that you would like to see? I'm here to help - your feedback is valuable!

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