I'm taking boudoir to the next level for you.

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I want to introduce you to a new and very special addition to the boudoir products I offer called "Couture Books". But first, what's that word- couture? And what does it have to do with boudoir?  The word is french so you know it's automatically something fancy :). It's tossed around a lot these days, so here ya go:

definition of couture

...And now you know! A Couture Book is the same idea - an album that is tailor made specifically for you. These books are literally hand made, using archival paper and will last generations. The book can fit all of the final images from a client's session, which is an amazing option to have. The pages are laid out more like an art gallery. They are planned and take some time so this option is ideal for clients with some time to spare. 

album packaging boudoir atlanta
boudoir album couture book atlanta georgia

Sturdy binder and thick pages.

couture book boudoir album atlanta georgia

That could be YOU on the cover! Or not - whatever you want!

couture album boudoir album atlanta georgia

The Couture books are available for you for $1500!

Interested in booking your OWN boudoir session or couture book? Click here.