All about OWN Boudoir's "Style"

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I'll be honest with you - I hate this question. But, I'm not mad at you for asking it!  I realize that going through with a boudoir shoot is an abnormal thing for you to do so you don't know what to ask! The short answer is that you can see my style from my website.

If I had to define my "style", then here is the longer answer: 

  • I'm trying to capture something privately sensual that isn't super posed and contrived.
  • I want your photos to seem as someone is looking in on you and seeing you as you are.
  • I like to play with shadows and light, shoot through curtains/objects, play with angles.
  • My biggest goal is to make it look real and not fantastical. I want you to recognize yourself, but think "I can't believe that's ME!".

So, here are some fab photos showcasing my "style" for your to enjoy!!

lady from behind own boudoir atlanta
through curtains own boudoir atlanta
own boudoir style
through the window photography atlanta own boudoir