Behind the scenes of MY Boudoir experience!

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Since I share so much about my clients/others' experiences in their boudoir sessions, I thought that it's time to share my OWN experience! 

Reasons for wanting to do a boudoir session:

  • I really liked my photographer!
  • I loved the idea of traveling to a destination.
  • I was excited to see 'what could be done'.
  • I wanted to see a different side of me that wasn't in front of a dressing room mirror, and to see what a really good photo of myself looked like.
  • My photographer had the style and artistry that I really appreciated -  I loved looking at their work, and I knew he had a fine art background.
OWN boudoir shoot chicago


Here are my thoughts during and after the shoot!

  • I decided to splurge for the photographer that was 100% what i wanted, and I'm so glad that I did!
  • I was exhausted by the end of the day!! It was a lot more posing and movement than i'd imagined, for example: waving my arms, spinning in a circle, stop-drop- and rolling
  • I felt silly during the shoot.. so it taught me a lot about letting your guard down and trusting the photographer.
  • I had my hair and makeup done, and it was fun to sit in the chair and see the before and afters and how it translated into photos.  (BTW- I didn't love my eyebrows and I wish I had said something... so now I highly encourage my clients to speak up if we need to change anything during makeup).
sarah esther black and white

And there you have it! That's the story of my first (and not last!) boudoir experience!


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