Hello darkness, my old friend... | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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As we dive deeper into October and ride the autumn wave into winter (or as it ends up being here in Atlanta: cold fall) there is a very specific opportunity that arises: Nighttime boudoir sessions!! 

With the sun setting later for the next few months it makes darker sessions more accessible. Instead of booking your boudoir session for 9pm we can now start (and finish) at a more reasonable hour....like 6pm. During this time of year I always get a lot of requests for nighttime/darker shoots. Maybe it's the air, maybe it's halloween, maybe it's Maybelline (sorry, I couldn't help it) but whatever it is, I love it!

Darker shoots are always a little unpredictable due to lighting. Light has a mind of it's own and can sometimes be as difficult to control as a room full of 3year olds with access to an unlimited amount of cotton candy. Bonkers. But... I love the unpredictable nature of night-sessions because the results we achieve during darker sessions are always completely different from daytime boudoir. Darker sessions also require a bit of wardrobe tweaking because we want to make sure your lingerie photographs well with artificial lighting! So technical, I know. 

Anyway, over the past two weeks we've had a few darker sessions.. and here is one example from last Friday night (and we also took this image outside... in case anyone is feeling adventurous).

Light it up,


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