Are these 'real women' or are these models? | Boudoir photography in Atlanta

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Today I received that question during one of my in-person consults. 

It isn't the first time I've received that question, and honestly I'm surprised that it doesn't get asked as often as "Can I please have some champagne (or a shot of tequila) before I get stripped down to my lingerie?". 

Of course, the answer to both questions is 'yes' and 'yes'! I will say, we'll take it easy on the tequila during your boudoir session, but we will make SURE you are a real-woman-model. Why can't we combine the terms 'real woman' and 'model'? The clients that are featured on my website have given me permission to showcase their images because they felt incredibly beautiful, sensual, and modelesque. If the goal of a model is to sell you on something, then I would say that they have graduated to the job-title of 'Model'... or dare I say 'Supermodel'?? :) 

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These women have found such joy in their images, in their experience, and in themselves that they sometimes will beg me to show them off. I'm like "oh yes girl absolutely!!!'. When I have someone ask me if the women on my website are models it makes me want to email all of my featured clients and suggest a career change. 

I imagine it would go something like this:

"Hey Nancy!!!! Just wanted to let you know that someone took you for a model today. You may want to quit being an orthopedic surgeon/saving lives and pursue some print-ads for Victoria's secret." 

While I am completely flattered that bits of my work could be mistaken for a modeling gig, it is more flattering to my clients that others see such a classic form of beauty and sensuality in them. My clients are moms, teachers, surgeons, newlyweds, independent-women-that-don't-need-nobody, accountants, lawyers, and all around HUMAN. If the result is that they end up feeling and looking like a model, then cool. The ultimate goal, however, is for them (and YOU the viewer) too see their OWN individual beauty in a way they never have. 


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