Client Appreciation Month is almost over! | Atlanta Boudoir

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Client Appreciation month has 10 days left! - RSVP to our dinner right here so that you can come hang out with us next Monday!

We should have done this like 7 years ago, but I’m so glad that we finally are doing it now! Our client appreciation month is in full swing and sadly only has 10 days left! Once August 31st hits we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Don’t worry, we still appreciate clients a LOT, but in August we like to make a big stink about it. 

Did you know that at the start of Client Appreciation month we’d photographed over 1400 women over the last 7 years? We’ve increased our boudoir club since then, and with fall being our busiest season we are on track to clear 1500 boudoir babes by the end of 2019! Welcome to the club, it’s a fun one to be a part of. 

To give you an idea of what we’ve done in the last month we’ve had: 5 giveaways (including some with our favorite Atlanta boutiques, like RAW Bronzing Studio), 14 boudoir sessions, a SOLID “Can you stump me” session where you guys gave us ideas for boudoir shoots (I’m waiting on someone to fill a bathtub full of rhinestones for their shoot), sent out what feels like a million birthday cards, scheduled client dinners, booked pole dancing classes, and a few more surprises that I can’t disclose because it would ruin it (duh)!

Really what I want to brag about is how honored I am to look back and know that we are able to give our clients an experience that changes them. It’s easy for me to roll my eyes at that statement, but I have to check myself. We give our clients an extremely special experience. That can mean that they get to spend 4 hours on ONLY themselves; sitting in hair and makeup, listening to music that they like, seeing images of themselves that they LOVE, etc. It can also mean that they are taking a huge leap in trusting someone to photograph them when they’ve been terrified of photographs, maybe they’ve even hidden from photographs, for as long as they can remember. 

I appreciate you guys, WE appreciate you guys, and I’m so thankful to get to know you! 

Love this shot from last year’s sessions in San Francisco!

Love this shot from last year’s sessions in San Francisco!

Now you can get the perfect gift ... | Atlanta Boudoir Photos

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Looking for the perfect gift? WE now have boudoir gift certificates! Boudoir gift certificates are available in a variety of denominations and are such an encouraging gift of beauty! Check out this blog post to learn more about boudoir photo shoot gift certificates.

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Don't forget to check THIS site for your boudoir wardrobe | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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It’s easy to get into old habits and routines when you’re shopping for clothing. Add lingerie into the mix and you’re almost guaranteed to stick to what makes you most comfortable.

One store that often gets overlooked is ETSY! Etsy is a HUGE haven for creative pieces for your boudoir shoot. Lingerie and costume stores are pretty limited, especially here in Atlanta. Etsy provides a world of options for any style of lingerie or wardrobe that you could think of for your boudoir shoot.

Feather wings? Check. Cage skirt? (see below). Sparkly crown? Sure. Huge tulle princess skirt? Of course. Body jewelry? LOADS OF IT.

So, check out Etsy for your boudoir session when traditional stores aren’t really feeding your fire. You won’t be disappointed.

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Weekend availability is BACK (but extremely limited!) | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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That’s right, we’ve added a few more weekend dates for boudoir sessions to our calendar!!

We get it, schedules can be hard! They are unpredictable and not everyone gets the option of working from home during the week. Weekends are where you can finally do what YOU want to do (which could be binging Netflix or staring at a blank wall while you eat Cheetos… no judgment). If you’ve been really wanting to book a boudoir session, but your weekly schedule just wouldn’t allow it then the weekend is perfect for you!!

There are a limited number of weekend dates left for the year. These are perfect for our bridal boudoir and Base session options. We’ll spend a couple of hours together and then you can join your friends for brunch. If you’re a bride then the weekend sessions are a GREAT option to use your hair/makeup trial for your wedding as your hair/makeup for your boudoir session! Plus, it’s obviously a great gift.

Interested in seeing our availability, or ready to go ahead and snag one of our dates? Click here to see our availability calendar!

Are you a bride and interested in our Bridal mini-session? Click here to check out our availability and dates!

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