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You’ve booked your boudoir session, but how do you prepare for the big day? Here are our top 5 tips for preparing for your boudoir session!

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  1. Start stretching

    In our client guide we joke around that a boudoir session with us is more like a pilates session than a sexy photoshoot. Sure, you’re in lingerie (or not!) and the resulting images are absolutely stunning, but getting stunning images requires a lot more physical strain than you’d think. While many of our clients book with the intention of using boudoir as work-out motivation, I’ll tell you that working out is way less important than stretching. Get your body used to twisting and arching and bending by stretching a few times a week. It’ll help you immensely during (and after!) the session, plus it’s healthy for you!

  2. Gather inspiration images

    While we don’t copy other photographer’s work, or even copy exact poses I’ve done with other clients, we love to see images that you’re inspired by. Sending in inspiration images helps us to plan out your session, suggest different outfits, understand your goals, and set expectations (we don’t have a claw-foot tub overlooking the Swiss alps here in the studio, so we’d have to reset your expectations if you sent us a shot like that). Sending in inspiration photos is especially helpful if you really have NO idea what you like. Browsing images will help you to figure out what styles, poses, outfits, etc that you are most drawn to and will give us a great jumping off point for your session.

  3. Respond to our emails

    That may seem sarcastic to you, but seriously, we’re just trying to help you out! We send questionnaires (two, to be exact), and planning questions to our clients throughout our planning process. These are designed to make sure that there are no unknowns when you walk into our studio. We will know your favorite music (and have it playing), whether or not you want to go nude, when your deadlines are, your favorite side of your face, etc. Our questions also help your to think of more questions to as us (which is especially great if you have no idea where to begin). So, please.. let us help you!

  4. Try on your lingerie/outfits

    This should seem like a given, but so many clients come into the studio and haven’t tried on the items that they want to wear for the shoot. At that point, if something doesn’t fit correctly or has a hole in it then there is no time to order or shop for a new one. I’ve heard “oh man, I don’t like this as much as I thought I would” about a million times. While we have items in our boudoir closet that we often supplement into client’s wardrobe selections, we definitely don’t want that to be your only option (especially if you ordered something you were really excited about). Trying on your wardrobe beforehand gives you (and us) an opportunity to intercept any wardrobe issues, PLUS it gets your more comfortable with wearing it, which in turn helps when you’re wearing it on camera.

  5. Speak up

    Have a question about privacy? Wondering if we can cover up the tattoo you got at age 18? Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Wondering if we can accommodate symptoms of your auto-immune disease? Don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know, even if it’s just to ask us not to ask you about something (read that sentence 4 times to understand it, haha!). But really, let us know what is going on with you or if you’ve got a question or an idea that may seem ‘weird’ to you. I promise that after 10 years and over 3000 clients, we’ve likely encountered almost anything you could approach us with AND handled it for the best.

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Can’t wait to meet you, and remember, we’re here to help the whole way through!