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Is a closet full of traditional lingerie really necessary for your boudoir session? 

Once you start planning your boudoir session you of course start gathering a selection of images and outfits that serve as inspiration for your session. If you're looking for garter belts (and gator belts, and monte carlos, and el dorados... sorry, I went off into an Outkast tangent, It's my Atlanta raising coming out), lace push-up bras, frilly thongs, etc then you won't have a hard time at all finding wardrobe inspiration for your boudoir session. 

Well, what if you're not exactly a lace push-up bra kind of person? Where do you find inspiration for your boudoir session when you don't love any of the 'typical' wardrobe choices that are available? 

So many of our clients aren't into 'typical' lingerie but will still bring it in because they don't know what else to bring. I'm all for bringing items that are out of your comfort zone (hello pearl thong!!), but there's no need to bring items in because you feel like you HAVE to. 


Here is a great example of shapewear being used during a boudoir session! 

Here is a great example of shapewear being used during a boudoir session! 


Here are some ideas for alternatives to your typical lingerie options, and we've worked with all of these during boudoir sessions so we support these choices 100%!

1) Shapewear- This can seem like an odd idea, shapewear isn't exactly known for being photogenic, in fact the whole point is for it to make something ELSE look photogenic. However, lately there has been a trend in shapewear where the designers are adding a bit of personality to an otherwise boring (but highly effective) undergarment. The bonus? Shapewear SHAPES you and so it is great for nipping and tucking in certain bits that you may want concealed. 

Check out this amazing option from SPANX

2)  Sleepshirts- While traditionally worn with pants (and not the first item you consider when you're planning your boudoir session), we're going to forgo the pants for this style and just use the shirt! Sleepshirts tend to be a little baggier and feature buttons all of the way down (or at least halfway). The amazing thing about sleep shirts is that we can 'sex it up' by unbuttoning the shirts, pulling the hem up the thigh, taking the collar off of the shoulder (with fully button-down versions), etc. Fabric is super important with sleep shirts, so go for thinner fabrics that form to the body and avoid super thick plaid that doesn't move. I'd also avoid crazy patterns like tiny sleeping rubber duckies :) 

Check out this beautiful option (and I love the fabric!)

3) Classic Blazer and Trouser/Skirt look- Cue the 'sexy Lawyer', or literally any profession :) I love love love this look and we get it a LOT in studio. Since blazers and trousers/high waisted skirt are typically already fitted and tailored to your body shape they automatically photograph really well. Simply remove the shirt from underneath your blazer and you've made your work outfit boudoir-ready. If you don't want to go topless underneath the blazer (or don't want to wear a blazer at all!) then try adding a simple bra or a bodysuit. This look is powerful and sexy and a great alternative to the traditional boudoir wardrobe. 

Check out this two-piece set from ASOS (just imagine it without a shirt!)

There you have a few great alternatives for the traditional boudoir wardrobe of lingerie and pearls. A few other alternatives? Sweatpants, big cardigans, and of course NUDE! 

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