The scar of infertility: a testimony | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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**While I've mentioned our personal project what seems like 2843 times this year, I'm going to continue to mention it as it is completed. 

"See these lines across my face, they tell you the story of who I am..."- Brandi Carlile

The first official "Scars of our OWN" story is up on our instagram (@scarsofourown). For convenience I've reposted the images and the narrative below. 

As a boudoir photographer I am honored to work intimately with clients. Both photographing them in intimates and listening to the intimate details of their lives. Working with clients has made me crack up to the point of tears and also feel empathy to the point of tears. Part of what has inspired the scar project is the sheer variety of scars, of stories, that my clients bring in to their boudoir session. Some scars, like the ones below, are physically visible. Some scars, also like the ones below, make their marks on the heart. 

Read on for a personal testimony of a beautiful woman and her experience with infertility, 



"My scars represent my 7 year struggle with infertility. With over 15 surgeries, countless Drs appointments, infections, injections, miscarriages and left with one ovary and one mangled filopian tube. Every month you grieve when you get  the negative test. It represents my fight, my endurance, my relentlessness, my hope, my tears, my prayers and my faith in God.

I know that infertility is a struggle that can go silent. It's more common than you think. No one wants to say anything and as a woman you struggle with the fact that it's  challenging for you to bring life into the world and you can't get your body to act right like a normal female yet everyone asks "when are you guys going to have a baby?" It's a rough ride. These scars tell my story. It's a part of my fabric now, molded into my character. May is also infertility awareness month. 

I want to encourage and inspire those in the same struggle to hold on and know you are still gorgeous in the fight. 

[To those with scars, I say} Own it. Be proud of it. Know that you are wonderfully made and the journey has made you fearless."