The naturally glamourous Valencia...

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Valencia has got to be one of the most genuinely excited people that I've ever met. She also has a fabulous ability to think quickly about how she can help you. As soon as we met she started searching her brain for how she could connect myself, and the fabulous Andrea Carter, with others. She did this all involuntarily... and we quickly learned that she is just one of those people who lives and loves to help others.

I had a fabulous time photographing her for an updated photo. We hosted the shoot in my Atlanta loft space. Over and over she mentioned looking forward to looking and feeling beautiful, and couldn't wait to have an updated image. Here are her absolute favorites from the day.

Thank you to Andrea Carter Artistry for the fabulous makeup.

own boudoir glamour_0105.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0106.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0107.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0108.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0109.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0110.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0111.jpg
atlanta own boudoir glamour_0112.jpg