Our most popularly requested body-chain is back in stock!

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A little bling can go a long way, especially when it comes to your boudoir session!

One of our most popular requests for styling our client’s boudoir sessions is for a body chain! The biggest problem, though is that it can be hard to know if it’ll look great in camera. We’ve all bought something online only to have it arrive and look nothing like what we hoped!

Fear no more! Check out this body chain here! Bonus? It’s under $15!

As you can see, it looks great in the front AND the back! Of course it looks great for boudoir, but we think it would wear beautifully under a blazer, too!

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She overcame this hurtful feeling about her own sensuality | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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If you’ve ever spent longer than an hour with any adult female then it’s likely you’ve heard her make at least one self deprecating comment. Our tendency as females to belittle ourselves and insult who we are made to be comes from a variety of places, and more often than not we forget to clear our heads of the lies we have learned to tell ourselves.

Boudoir sessions are incredibly special for so many reasons (sexy pictures included!!!), but one of my favorite reasons why I love boudoir photography is its ability to transform how we as women see ourselves. The beautiful woman featured in this blog post speaks SO well on how she was able to transform her thoughts. Sensuality can be so taboo for women to experience and I HATE that. We aren’t allowed to feel sensual without the feeling of that dreaded ‘S’ word– shame.

Read on to see how she overcame feeling shameful about her sensuality, and check out a few featured images along the way!


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1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)?

I’m over 40 and feel the youngest I’ve ever felt!


2) What do you do for a living? Or... How do you typically spend your days?

I’m an author & rule breaker

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3) What prompted you to consider booking a boudoir session?

 A friend did a shoot and raved about how amazing it was. She was also a single Mom, and I thought if she did it, what is stopping me?! I am not in a relationship with anyone but ME right now and I wanted to do it just for me, not anyone else.


4) What (if any) fears or hesitations did you have with regards to your session?

Oh gosh – that I would be puffy or pudgy or that my scars would be unsexy! Luckily, none of the above came true!

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5) Thank you so much for choosing OWN! What was it about us that made you choose us for your boudoir session?

I loved your energy, Sarah, and I loved what I heard from my friend. I knew you appreciated all shapes, sizes and colors of women, and I had full expectation that the shooting space would feel safe, inspiring and empowering. The minute I walked in, I knew I was in good hands.


6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?

I was actually completely relaxed and was grateful for our get-to-know-you talk beforehand. I appreciated how much we connected … plus, I have a huge amount of respect and appreciation for how you empower women to feel bold and beautiful in their own skin.

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7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (primping, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc)

Striking a hot pose on your leather couch, hearing you tell me how hot I looked, thus feeling like a freaking badass rockstar!


8) How has the response been to your images?

I have so many friends who want to do it! I caught the guy I started dating when I got the pictures trying sneak onto my computer to see the whole session. I was like, no, only one picture at a time! He was mesmerized!


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9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session (aside from "JUST DO IT!!!")?

If you want to feel empowered and see your body for its true beauty, trust Sarah to capture it. You will be amazed by how freaking gorgeous and perfect you are and how much you have wrongly judged your body for its imperfections. Sarah is a master at empowering women to express their brilliant sensuality – you will leave the session feeling like a Goddess.


10) What has changed about the way you see your OWN beauty?

I love having these pictures because they remind me how beautiful I can be. Since I never have actually seen myself in these positions (the lights are usually off!), I was in full appreciation of who I am today. The session helped me to drop the shame about my sensuality and instead OWN the hell out of it!

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Major announcement (especially for fellow boudoir photographers)

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Announcing the first Art & Business of Boudoir Conference.

Dates: April 5 - 9, 2020

Location: Saguaro Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

Link: to buy tickets: https://www.abobconference.com

This announcement has been coming up for a bit, and I’m so excited that today is the FIRST official day that I can spill the beans. Coming in Spring of 2020 I will be joining an incredible roster of boudoir, beauty, and editorial photographers in the first ever Art & Business of Boudoir Conference. This is the FIRST official boudoir conference ever (I cannot even believe it!).

For four days we will gather in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ for a week of hands-on teaching from some of the best in the boudoir industry. This conference focuses solely on the art and business aspects that touch the genre of boudoir photography, which sets it apart from other photography conferences. Finding classes that are specifically relevant to boudoir photography can be a huge struggle when attending a conference, and so having a whole week dedicated to our craft will ensure that attendees walk away with a plethora of knowledge and irreplaceable connections with fellow photographers.

Check out ABOB right here, and I hope to see you next April!!!

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Borrow from our boudoir closet!

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We’ve got a full closet full of wardrobe options for your boudoir photo shoot! We also know the best places in Atlanta, and around, to shop for your session! Check this post out to learn more!

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