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Something has changed recently in the way that we find companies and brands that we love. I used to Google what I needed in order to find the best options. We can talk about my Google search history later ;) Now that social media is around (and since Google is full of ads) we’ve moved on a bit from Google and we’ve started relying more on direct recommendations and referrals. With something so personal as boudoir I cannot emphasize how thankful I am that our clients refer us out to their friends, family, dentist, dog walkers, etc. We aren’t just referred for boudoir in Atlanta, we are referred for boudoir around the country.

This client came in as one such referral, and I’m so glad she did. She trusted the process and the experience (you should read her advice about that below). The result: incredible images that are carrying her through this chapter in life. Of course, I can already predict that the chapter after this is going to have her moonlighting as a Taraji P Henson lookalike, but right now I think she is doing just fine ;)

(Photos: Sarah with OWN Boudoir, Hair and Makeup: Brielle Brenner of Brenner Beauty)

1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)?


2) What do you do for a living? Or... How do you typically spend your days?

I put people to sleep(anesthesia) for a living 

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3) What prompted you to consider booking a boudoir session?

Doing a boudoir session was always on my bucket list but I became inspired after I saw a friends pictures. I decided to book shortly afterwards. 

4) Fears and hesitations are common when it comes to boudoir! What (if any) fears or hesitations did you have with regards to your session?  

The reason I hesitated on booking the session was due to me feeling like my body wasn’t in the best shape it could be. Actually booking a session motivated me to concentrate on working out a little more.  Immediately after taking just one picture with Sarah I realized my body shouldn’t have even been a concern. 

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5) Thank you so much for choosing OWN! What was it about us that made you choose us for your boudoir session?

I chose OWN based on my friends recommendation, but I was quickly impressed by the impeccable attention to detail exhibited throughout the entire company. 


6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?

I wasn’t expecting to feel so comfortable and confident. I felt like a supermodel during the shoot! 

7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (primping, the shoot, seeing images, giving

the images..etc) Seeing the images while shooting and during my reveal was my favorite part. 

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8) How has the response been to your images?

I have received a million compliments on my images.

9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session (aside from "JUST DO IT!!!")?

Make sure you feel comfortable in all stages because I think that translates into an unforgettable experience. 

10) What has changed about the way you see your OWN beauty?

My beauty was captured so well with my clothes off that it has helped me be even more confident with clothes on! 

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Instagram Giveaway #3 | Boudoir in Atlanta!

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Hey there!!! It’s that time again, our THIRD giveaway for client appreciation month is here!!

For seven years we’ve spent time photographing hundreds (1,431 to be exact) of women for their boudoir photo shoot. We’ve photographed boudoir in Atlanta, where we are based, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Oklahoma City, NYC, New Orleans, and Boston! I’m sure there’s another place in their somewhere.

With that many women and that variety of cities I REALLY truly mean it when I say that I’ve seen every prop and wardrobe idea imagineable.

Seriously. I don’t think that you can stump me, no one has yet!

During your boudoir planning process we ask for your wardrobe preferences, and we want those preferences to be personal to YOU. We want you to bring in a lingerie piece or a prop because you like it, not because you’re at a loss for what to bring and grabbed any-ol-thing you could find. Actually, this doesn’t really happen anymore because we REALLY pester you about what to bring, but hey… better to be over-prepared!

SO for today’s Instagram giveaway for Client Appreciation month I’m asking you to stump me! If you can suggest a boudoir outfit/prop that I haven’t used before then you have DEFINITELY stumped me! The top 5 answers will be invited in for a 30 minute session using that prop/wardrobe idea (so if you suggest a private jet then you should have access to one)! This session is completely complimentary to you as a reward for stumping me!

Head on over to our Instagram and check out our stories to see if you can stump me!

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Our most popularly requested body-chain is back in stock!

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A little bling can go a long way, especially when it comes to your boudoir session!

One of our most popular requests for styling our client’s boudoir sessions is for a body chain! The biggest problem, though is that it can be hard to know if it’ll look great in camera. We’ve all bought something online only to have it arrive and look nothing like what we hoped!

Fear no more! Check out this body chain here! Bonus? It’s under $15!

As you can see, it looks great in the front AND the back! Of course it looks great for boudoir, but we think it would wear beautifully under a blazer, too!

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Borrow from our boudoir closet!

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We’ve got a full closet full of wardrobe options for your boudoir photo shoot! We also know the best places in Atlanta, and around, to shop for your session! Check this post out to learn more!

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Don't forget to check THIS site for your boudoir wardrobe | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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It’s easy to get into old habits and routines when you’re shopping for clothing. Add lingerie into the mix and you’re almost guaranteed to stick to what makes you most comfortable.

One store that often gets overlooked is ETSY! Etsy is a HUGE haven for creative pieces for your boudoir shoot. Lingerie and costume stores are pretty limited, especially here in Atlanta. Etsy provides a world of options for any style of lingerie or wardrobe that you could think of for your boudoir shoot.

Feather wings? Check. Cage skirt? (see below). Sparkly crown? Sure. Huge tulle princess skirt? Of course. Body jewelry? LOADS OF IT.

So, check out Etsy for your boudoir session when traditional stores aren’t really feeding your fire. You won’t be disappointed.

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