Before/After Boudoir Photos- Looking for entries! | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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We’re looking for submissions from our past clients for our new ‘Before/After’ feature on our website and Instagram!

Have you been in a session with us? If so, do you remember looking at the images on the back of our camera and saying “Holy sh**, I cannot believe that is ME!

We would love to show those images off to potential clients. Our greatest struggle is helping potential clients realize that they don’t have to have experience walking down a Victoria’s Secret runway in order to be photographed by us. 

Help us show our potential clients that the supermodel already exists inside, and we help it to be captured on camera. 

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Here’s what we need from you:

Send us a selfie or any other image of you in your ‘everyday’ life along with an image you wouldn’t mind us sharing as part of your ‘before/after’ profile. We will create a page on our website to share these as well as feature them on Instagram! 

Email or text submissions to: or 256-474-5804

Behind the scenes video of a boudoir shoot | Boudoir Atlanta

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We hosted a boudoir shoot in Atlanta for the Art and Business of Boudoir Conference! This behind the scenes video shows you just how two different boudoir photographers can capture the same client AS well as how a boudoir session can actually work! You’ll love watching this video if you have any questions about boudoir photography sessions, posing, boudoir shot lists, etc! Check it out!

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Our first annual client appreciation month is here!!

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Welcome to OWN Boudoir’s first annual Client Appreciation month!!

During the entire month of August we are focusing on the most important part of our business: YOU!

In August of 2012 we started OWN boudoir and I cannot believe that we have been successfully growing our boudoir business for the last seven years! We definitely couldn’t have done it without clients and supporters like you. We’ve been all over the US photographing boudoir photoshoots for the last 7 years and I cannot wait to meet more of you here in Atlanta and around the world.

We knew that just one day of appreciation wouldn’t be enough, and a week seemed too rushed, so we decided to do a full month to show you exactly how much we care. 

Throughout the month we will be highlighting some of our favorite local lingerie boutiques like Trashy Diva and AnnaBella, hosting client dinners (come bring margaritas with us!), showcasing a few of our repeat clients, and doing a TON of giveaways! 

Each Thursday we will have a giveaway on our Instagram page, so head on over there each Thursday for the details! On each Friday of this month we will have a BIG giveaway, and details will be given in this newsletter each week! 

Here’s just a hint of what we’ll be giving away: Our favorite body chain for boudoir shoots, gift cards for Nouvelle Nail Spa and Sephora, a 16x24 Wall Art print, tickets to the Girls Gotta Eat live podcast, and a MAJOR giveaway at the end of the month. 

Head on over to today’s post on Instagram for the start of our giveaways, and we can’t wait to show you how much we appreciate you! 

Ready to book your boudoir session with us and join in on the fun? Find out more about our boudoir sessions here!

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Now you can get the perfect gift ... | Atlanta Boudoir Photos

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Looking for the perfect gift? WE now have boudoir gift certificates! Boudoir gift certificates are available in a variety of denominations and are such an encouraging gift of beauty! Check out this blog post to learn more about boudoir photo shoot gift certificates.

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Let's talk about BLACK | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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Are you stuck in the rut of an all-black wardrobe? Believe me, that happens with your boudoir wardrobe, too! This post will help you find your boudoir photo shoot wardrobe pieces that AREN’T black. Check out this post for where to shop in Atlanta and online for your boudoir shoot! We aren’t just the best boudoir photographers, we’re the best wardrobe assistants, too!

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