5 Things you need to know this Wednesday! | Boudoir in Atlanta

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We’ve got a LOT of jokes about Hump Day around here, for obvious reasons. However, we’ve found that Wednesdays are not only good for jokes, they are great for giving you a bunch of mid-week information! Monday’s can be rough and overwhelming, so we much prefer Wednesday to communicate all of the goings-on around OWN boudoir!

Here are 5 things that you need to know today (these only pertain to OWN boudoir, there are many other things you need to know but please check Twitter, Huffington Post, or This site for that knowledge):

1) Client appreciate month is almost over, and we’re holding a dinner! Get your tickets here!

2) Ya’ll, the holidays are FAST approaching and we’re running out of space for boudoir sessions. Find out about our deadlines and our Holiday Special here.

3) We have finally completed our official OWN Boudoir Playlist! **Must have Spotify in order to access it, and we aren’t responsible if it makes you want to get downnnnnnnnn ;) Start listening right here!

4) We’re looking for something special from our past clients, and you guys are the only ones that can provide it. Get more info here and help us out!! Pretty please!!

5) Our next OWN Boudoir group outing will be to see Hustlers the movie in September! If you’d like to be invited to come see it with us please let us know by emailing us here. We’ll send out a group rate email and organize what is sure to be a great time. Everyone is welcome!!

**Also Check out the Hustlers movie trailer right here: https://www.hustlers.movie/tickets/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIltin6YeU5AIVBZ-fCh0W8AiNEAAYASAAEgL_b_D_BwE

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Before/After Boudoir Photos- Looking for entries! | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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We’re looking for submissions from our past clients for our new ‘Before/After’ feature on our website and Instagram!

Have you been in a session with us? If so, do you remember looking at the images on the back of our camera and saying “Holy sh**, I cannot believe that is ME!

We would love to show those images off to potential clients. Our greatest struggle is helping potential clients realize that they don’t have to have experience walking down a Victoria’s Secret runway in order to be photographed by us. 

Help us show our potential clients that the supermodel already exists inside, and we help it to be captured on camera. 

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Here’s what we need from you:

Send us a selfie or any other image of you in your ‘everyday’ life along with an image you wouldn’t mind us sharing as part of your ‘before/after’ profile. We will create a page on our website to share these as well as feature them on Instagram! 

Email or text submissions to: sarah@ownboudoir.com or 256-474-5804

Client Appreciation Month is almost over! | Atlanta Boudoir

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Client Appreciation month has 10 days left! - RSVP to our dinner right here so that you can come hang out with us next Monday!

We should have done this like 7 years ago, but I’m so glad that we finally are doing it now! Our client appreciation month is in full swing and sadly only has 10 days left! Once August 31st hits we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. Don’t worry, we still appreciate clients a LOT, but in August we like to make a big stink about it. 

Did you know that at the start of Client Appreciation month we’d photographed over 1400 women over the last 7 years? We’ve increased our boudoir club since then, and with fall being our busiest season we are on track to clear 1500 boudoir babes by the end of 2019! Welcome to the club, it’s a fun one to be a part of. 

To give you an idea of what we’ve done in the last month we’ve had: 5 giveaways (including some with our favorite Atlanta boutiques, like RAW Bronzing Studio), 14 boudoir sessions, a SOLID “Can you stump me” session where you guys gave us ideas for boudoir shoots (I’m waiting on someone to fill a bathtub full of rhinestones for their shoot), sent out what feels like a million birthday cards, scheduled client dinners, booked pole dancing classes, and a few more surprises that I can’t disclose because it would ruin it (duh)!

Really what I want to brag about is how honored I am to look back and know that we are able to give our clients an experience that changes them. It’s easy for me to roll my eyes at that statement, but I have to check myself. We give our clients an extremely special experience. That can mean that they get to spend 4 hours on ONLY themselves; sitting in hair and makeup, listening to music that they like, seeing images of themselves that they LOVE, etc. It can also mean that they are taking a huge leap in trusting someone to photograph them when they’ve been terrified of photographs, maybe they’ve even hidden from photographs, for as long as they can remember. 

I appreciate you guys, WE appreciate you guys, and I’m so thankful to get to know you! 

Love this shot from last year’s sessions in San Francisco!

Love this shot from last year’s sessions in San Francisco!

Holiday Deadline info because 2019 is coming to an end | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Our busiest boudoir season is fast approaching, and if you are interested in giving the gift of boudoir to yourself or to someone else over the next 4 months then the time to schedule is NOW. Every year we have to say ‘there is no possible way’ to clients with last minute holiday gift ideas and it isn’t fun.


For real, the holidays are fast approaching. I think all of us saw the Halloween decor inside of Home Goods during June. 


But you know what, I’m starting to understand why decor comes out early, it’s just to remind us that before we know it we will be celebrating the holidays! It’s a subtle (or not so subtle) reminder of what is coming up.

That’s why I am alerting you IN AUGUST that the holiday season is fast approaching, and we have some deadlines for you. 

Here are OWN Boudoir’s Holiday deadlines. Holidays include: Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and Valentine’s Day.

Weekends left for sessions:  4 in total until 2020

Deadline to have your session for Christmas and Hanukkah delivery: December 5th, 2019

Deadline for New Years/January Delivery: December 15th, 2019

Deadline for Valentine’s Day delivery: January 26, 2020.

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***Also, here’s a secret for all of our blog readers, we’ll be having a holiday special!***

In order to make sure everyone gets the most opportunities to have a holiday session we have a holiday special in November! The special is from November 1-12th ONLY, and booking is first come first serve! The best thing is that this session can be done before/after work OR during your lunch break. We’re really discrete over here. All of your holiday shopping, whether it is for you or for someone else, can be done in one place. Full details, including package information, will be announced on September 1st! 

Behind the scenes video of a boudoir shoot | Boudoir Atlanta

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We hosted a boudoir shoot in Atlanta for the Art and Business of Boudoir Conference! This behind the scenes video shows you just how two different boudoir photographers can capture the same client AS well as how a boudoir session can actually work! You’ll love watching this video if you have any questions about boudoir photography sessions, posing, boudoir shot lists, etc! Check it out!

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