5 Things you need to know this Wednesday! | Boudoir in Atlanta

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We’ve got a LOT of jokes about Hump Day around here, for obvious reasons. However, we’ve found that Wednesdays are not only good for jokes, they are great for giving you a bunch of mid-week information! Monday’s can be rough and overwhelming, so we much prefer Wednesday to communicate all of the goings-on around OWN boudoir!

Here are 5 things that you need to know today (these only pertain to OWN boudoir, there are many other things you need to know but please check Twitter, Huffington Post, or This site for that knowledge):

1) Client appreciate month is almost over, and we’re holding a dinner! Get your tickets here!

2) Ya’ll, the holidays are FAST approaching and we’re running out of space for boudoir sessions. Find out about our deadlines and our Holiday Special here.

3) We have finally completed our official OWN Boudoir Playlist! **Must have Spotify in order to access it, and we aren’t responsible if it makes you want to get downnnnnnnnn ;) Start listening right here!

4) We’re looking for something special from our past clients, and you guys are the only ones that can provide it. Get more info here and help us out!! Pretty please!!

5) Our next OWN Boudoir group outing will be to see Hustlers the movie in September! If you’d like to be invited to come see it with us please let us know by emailing us here. We’ll send out a group rate email and organize what is sure to be a great time. Everyone is welcome!!

**Also Check out the Hustlers movie trailer right here: https://www.hustlers.movie/tickets/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIltin6YeU5AIVBZ-fCh0W8AiNEAAYASAAEgL_b_D_BwE

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The only thing that fits everyone | Boudoir in Atlanta

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“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”- Annie

Fun Fact- I spent a lot of time in musical theater growing up (and so did our Client Manager, Kelsey!), and I was in “Annie” twice! Once as Grace and once as Lilly. If you know anything about those two characters then you will understand when I say that they represent the variants of my personality so well. I’m a little classy and a little sassy. Basically, I’ll wear a nice slicked-back bun but I’ll let my thong hang out.

Of course, I didn’t know that back when I was playing those characters, but I can see it now! I guess that’s how most things in our lives work, we can’t fully see the big picture sometimes until we’re a bit removed from it. Originally I had wanted to be a foreign ambassador to the United Nations, but here I am now, a boudoir photographer in Atlanta. See? I’m multifaceted.

Anyway, take 3 seconds to smile, y’all. A REAL smile. Toothy and stuff 😁... and then have an amazing rest of your workday.

( 📸: Sarah, 💄: https://www.karirobertsmua.com)

Ready to book your OWN boudoir session?  Get more info here!  Are you a photographer looking to learn more about boudoir? Come learn from me and other amazing boudoir photographers at the  ABOB Conference  in April!  More info here!

Ready to book your OWN boudoir session? Get more info here! Are you a photographer looking to learn more about boudoir? Come learn from me and other amazing boudoir photographers at the ABOB Conference in April! More info here!

Behind the scenes video of a boudoir shoot | Boudoir Atlanta

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We hosted a boudoir shoot in Atlanta for the Art and Business of Boudoir Conference! This behind the scenes video shows you just how two different boudoir photographers can capture the same client AS well as how a boudoir session can actually work! You’ll love watching this video if you have any questions about boudoir photography sessions, posing, boudoir shot lists, etc! Check it out!

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Major announcement (especially for fellow boudoir photographers)

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Announcing the first Art & Business of Boudoir Conference.

Dates: April 5 - 9, 2020

Location: Saguaro Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

Link: to buy tickets: https://www.abobconference.com

This announcement has been coming up for a bit, and I’m so excited that today is the FIRST official day that I can spill the beans. Coming in Spring of 2020 I will be joining an incredible roster of boudoir, beauty, and editorial photographers in the first ever Art & Business of Boudoir Conference. This is the FIRST official boudoir conference ever (I cannot even believe it!).

For four days we will gather in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ for a week of hands-on teaching from some of the best in the boudoir industry. This conference focuses solely on the art and business aspects that touch the genre of boudoir photography, which sets it apart from other photography conferences. Finding classes that are specifically relevant to boudoir photography can be a huge struggle when attending a conference, and so having a whole week dedicated to our craft will ensure that attendees walk away with a plethora of knowledge and irreplaceable connections with fellow photographers.

Check out ABOB right here, and I hope to see you next April!!!

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