Before/After Boudoir Photos- Looking for entries! | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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We’re looking for submissions from our past clients for our new ‘Before/After’ feature on our website and Instagram!

Have you been in a session with us? If so, do you remember looking at the images on the back of our camera and saying “Holy sh**, I cannot believe that is ME!

We would love to show those images off to potential clients. Our greatest struggle is helping potential clients realize that they don’t have to have experience walking down a Victoria’s Secret runway in order to be photographed by us. 

Help us show our potential clients that the supermodel already exists inside, and we help it to be captured on camera. 

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Here’s what we need from you:

Send us a selfie or any other image of you in your ‘everyday’ life along with an image you wouldn’t mind us sharing as part of your ‘before/after’ profile. We will create a page on our website to share these as well as feature them on Instagram! 

Email or text submissions to: or 256-474-5804

Behind the scenes video of a boudoir shoot | Boudoir Atlanta

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We hosted a boudoir shoot in Atlanta for the Art and Business of Boudoir Conference! This behind the scenes video shows you just how two different boudoir photographers can capture the same client AS well as how a boudoir session can actually work! You’ll love watching this video if you have any questions about boudoir photography sessions, posing, boudoir shot lists, etc! Check it out!

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Check out these boudoir hacks (and get some ideas for your next session)! | Atlanta boudoir photography

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Have you ever seen an outfit or an image that inspires you so much that you MUST recreate it? You scour the internet to find an exact skirt (or coat, or hat, or pair of shoes, or whatever) only to find it and realize it has been sold out for 4 years. It’s so frustrating, and I have definitely been there.

A couple of weeks ago we had a client bring in an amazing blue faux-fur coat. Of course she had purchased it years ago and it is nowhere to be found on the whole entire internet (yes, I looked). Well everyone LOVED that coat (check out our Instagram to see it!), especially one client that was due to have her boudoir session the following week. This client then came up with one of the most brilliant hacks we’ve seen in order to recreate the look of the blue coat.

Check out her version of the blue coat, and then check out where she found it!

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atlanta boudoir, boudoir photographer, atlanta boudoir photography, boudoir session, boudoir wardrobe ideas, blue fur coat

AND…. here is the fantastic $30 blanket that created that gorgeous boudoir piece:

blue faux fur blanket, boudoir wardrobe, atlanta boudoir

Looking to buy one of these for your own boudoir session? I’m craving to shoot the dusty pink version! Vintage vibes for sure. Find the blanket here.

There you have it, one of my favorite boudoir hacks of recent. I love sharing how to creatively achieve certain looks, and so I’ll make sure to update any further boudoir hacks!


Here's a new way to get information about your boudoir session! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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We may be a few months late (or....maybe we are right on time), but I've finally figured out a great way to make it easier for you to access specific information about boudoir sessions with OWN! 

Check out our Instagram, but more specifically check out our Instagram Highlights. 


Instagram highlights are a version of Instagram Stories, but think of them as more specific versions of our stories. If Instagram Stories are the overall novel of our day, the Highlights are the chapters within the novel...only those chapters can stay around for as long as I decide, regardless if the entire rest of the novel is missing. 

(Honestly this is the best way I can describe it, so I hope it helps! )

Our Instagram Highlights are centered around a few subjects that are specifically related to OWN boudoir (or boudoir photography in general). These boudoir stories are a perfect way for you to find out very specific details on a variety of subjects when you're planning your boudoir session. If you don't feel like reading through 6 years of blogs for information, then these stories are for you. 

(Although, 6 years of info is a LOT of info, so if you've got some time on your hands or just feel like being extra prepared then you should start reading now. )

Here's what you can find on our Instagram Highlights:

So... come see me on my stories. ;) I promise to be a really entertaining booby-booty photographer.


Interested in booking your OWN boudoir session? Check us out and get in touch!

What REALLY goes on in your boudoir shoot? | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Here’s a little look into Atlanta boudoir photography and what really goes on in your boudoir session! Check out Sarah with OWN boudoir as she describes the details behind boudoir sessions!

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