Concern of the day - tons of my clients can relate!

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The FAQ of the day is really more of a frequently expressed concern:

  • I am pregnant, have been pregnant, etc., and I am terrified that I won’t be able to do the poses that I see on your website.
  • I don’t want my stomach shown because of stretch marks, scars, etc.
  • I have this extra "mommy" pudge that just won’t go away.
  • My body will never be the same and I don't know how you would make me look beautiful.

    During their sessions, what makes the photos most successful is that these ladies trusted me to make sure that I take care to photograph them in the most flattering way. By the way, if a client is not thrilled about a certain aspect of their body, it is not my personal crusade to force you to get over it; rather, my goal is to capture a set of images that will show you how beautiful you are in your own skin!

    Here are a few pointers that will ease your concerns:

    • As mentioned, I take care to pose you in the most flattering ways! I'm a girl too - I get it. 
    •  Strategically placing a sheet can go a long way, and we will only go as far as you are comfortable going. 
    • You do not have to wear traditional lingerie or lingerie that shows your ‘non-desireable’ area.
    • It’s just ME here in the studio! You aren’t in front of an audience. 
    • I'm a person! You can email or call me and I will actually answer, talk to you, and answer any questions you have! No concern is stupid or crazy, I promise!
    • Also, consider the following photos: Do these women look like they have anything to be insecure about? This is a rhetorical question because DUH, they're gorgeous.
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