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I've asked hundreds (really - I'm a busy gal) of women the question "IF you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?" I promise you that whatever your answer may be, it will not be unique. Read: YOU are unique; but you are not alone in your insecurity.  So before you overthink yourself out of a boudoir session, read this blog, look at these beautiful women, and think again. 

Is your insecurity not on this list? Keep reading...

  • The 12-18 inches from my belly/pooch to my inner thighs...I'd shrink them. 

  • Have less back fat and add abs

  • My stomach

  • To be more toned! Especially the belly area!

  • How short my legs are.

  • My weight, I'm sure 80% of people say that. I also used to have really long hair and I'm regretting cutting it. 

  • I really like my face, and I know my husband loves my breasts (although I've always found them too big!)

curvy woman boudoir session atlanta georgia own boudoir
black bra black and white boudoir curvy woman boudoir photography atlanta georgia own boudoir african american woman

Oh, there are more... keep reading!

  •   I'm saving away for some smart lipo for my love handles (really, what is there to love???) and    my mommy pooch. 

  • My nose

  • My stomach...i am so self conscious of my stomach. Generally, i'm pretty self conscious about all of it.

curvy woman boudoir photography atlanta georgia own boudoir
curvy woman boudoir photography atlanta georgia own boudoir

Still feel you're alone? Keep reading!

  • My smile - every time i smile it is just awkward looking in pictures (at least i think so).

  • My big round face!

  • My legs ... They're kinda of muscular and very thick.

  • Adult acne!

woman's back atlanta georgia boudoir photography black and white photography ownboudoir
sexy abs woman atlanta georgia boudoir photography own boudoir
blonde woman boudoir photography atlanta georgia own boudoir

Distracted by the beautiful photos? Well, there are more insecurities below... Keep going!

  • Would definitely lose about 30 pounds and tighten up my core. Oh, that's two things. As I've aged I've definitely come to realize that even the "perfect" body isn't perfect and most women have something that they'd change so I'm learning to just accept myself.

  • I would change my size of my lower half. I have always struggled with weight from the hips down and am working to slim down!

  • My arms! Mostly upper arms. They are flabby.

woman'e neckline boudoir photography atlanta georgia own boudoir
black and white photography boudoir photography atlanta georgia own boudoir
black and white woman photography atlanta georgia own boudoir
  • Be more toned/ less fluffy 
  • Just to tone up :) working on that now

  • My stomach would be much smaller and flatter

After looking at these photos, I know what you're thinking: These women are crazy! They're gorgeous and they are their OWN type of beautiful. Let this be proof that everyone has something they are insecure about. So now let me ask you... what is your excuse, insecurity, or not-so-loved part your body? Your beauty far outweighs the little things you worry over. Let me help you see that this is fact!

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