Carbs and underwear = a fabulous boudoir combination

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Happy National Donut Day!

If you’ve been following along with us for very long you’ll know that I absolutely love when clients bring in props for their boudoir session! When those props are CARBS then you can best believe that my little heart goes pitter-patter and does a fist-pump in the air.

Not too long ago we had a client bring in a box of donuts for her session, yes yes yesssssss. She brought them to share with us as snacks, but I talked her in to using them for her boudoir session, too! The result? A picture that perfectly displays my ideal state: eating carbs in my underwear.

Also, these donuts are completely vegan and are from a local Atlanta donut shop, Revolution Donuts! If you’re in Atlanta you should absolutely try them out. They are DELICIOUS, and this is my very non-vegan opinion.

national donut day boudoir atlanta  (1 of 1).jpg