Instagram Giveaway #3 | Boudoir in Atlanta!

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Hey there!!! It’s that time again, our THIRD giveaway for client appreciation month is here!!

For seven years we’ve spent time photographing hundreds (1,431 to be exact) of women for their boudoir photo shoot. We’ve photographed boudoir in Atlanta, where we are based, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Oklahoma City, NYC, New Orleans, and Boston! I’m sure there’s another place in their somewhere.

With that many women and that variety of cities I REALLY truly mean it when I say that I’ve seen every prop and wardrobe idea imagineable.

Seriously. I don’t think that you can stump me, no one has yet!

During your boudoir planning process we ask for your wardrobe preferences, and we want those preferences to be personal to YOU. We want you to bring in a lingerie piece or a prop because you like it, not because you’re at a loss for what to bring and grabbed any-ol-thing you could find. Actually, this doesn’t really happen anymore because we REALLY pester you about what to bring, but hey… better to be over-prepared!

SO for today’s Instagram giveaway for Client Appreciation month I’m asking you to stump me! If you can suggest a boudoir outfit/prop that I haven’t used before then you have DEFINITELY stumped me! The top 5 answers will be invited in for a 30 minute session using that prop/wardrobe idea (so if you suggest a private jet then you should have access to one)! This session is completely complimentary to you as a reward for stumping me!

Head on over to our Instagram and check out our stories to see if you can stump me!

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Ready to book your OWN boudoir session with us? Get in touch right now! As a bonus, any regular session booked during the month of August will receive a complimentary heirloom box with 5 prints from their session!