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Ever wanted to know what a boudoir photo shoot is REALLY like? What about how two different photographers shoot?

Unless you’ve had a boudoir shoot before it can be really hard to imagine the environment, the boudoir posing, the personality of the photographer, etc.

Luckily we have a video that take a little peek into what it’s really like!!

A couple of weeks ago I was able to host Elizabeth and John Craig of Elizabeth Craig photography! They are based out of Pittsburgh, PA and Elizabeth is the founder of the Art and Business of Boudoir, a group of boudoir photographers that focus on growth, creativity, and community. ABOB is having a conference next April and I have been invited to speak at it! I’ll be speaking on how to create amazing images IN camera as if photoshop didn’t exist!

SO, if you are a boudoir photographer (or an aspiring boudoir photographer) then you will definitely want to check out ABOB.

Now, for the good stuff. This video will be super helpful to anyone wanting to know a few things about how a boudoir shoot works. It’s great for clients and aspiring photographers alike!


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