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Occasionally I'll look back at my past work to see just how far I've come, but also to revisit some of my favorite boudoir session. 

Looking back on my past work is definitely eye-opening. I can see how my style has evolved over the years and I can also ask myself WTF I was thinking when I edited a photo in a certain way. Luckily I have resisted most of the editing trends over the last 5 years and so my past work is more consistent with my current style than when I was first starting out as a boudoir photographer. We love to get in touch with our past clients and have recently started congratulating clients on their 'Boudoir-aversary'! When we reach out to celebrate boudoir-aversaries I tend to look back at those past sessions. I say this to say, I've now gone down an insane rabbit hole of past sessions and I'm currently deep into the year 2013. 

As I've gone down this boudoir photography rabbit hole I have pulled a few of my favorite images from the past! Here are just a few boudoir images that I vividly remember taking. I've got about 40K final images to go through, so this was definitely just a quick skim :) 

Side note: We're having a little shindig on July 15th! This is for past clients, current clients, and future clients alike! Come say hello, see some favorite images, drink our drinks, and win some prizes. Link for (free) tickets: HERE

This session is back, for one week only!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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Are you a bride getting married this summer or fall? Bridal boudoir sessions are some of our most popular sessions to date, and while we no longer offer a specific "Bridal Boudoir" package, we ARE bringing that package back for one week only!!! 

For the week of July 22-27 we will be bringing back our Bridal Boudoir package! 

Our Bridal Bridal boudoir package includes:

Your 1 hour boudoir session with photographer Emma

One bridal look and one wardrobe look of your choice

A little black book of 10 images of your choice, fully edited, from your session

Snacks and refreshments

The best gift you could ever give



Ready to book your Bridal Boudoir session? Get in touch here

Save the date!!! | Atlanta boudoir photography

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Save the date for our Atlanta Boudoir open house on July 15th!!!


Are you a potential client that has been thinking about this for a while?

  • This is a perfect opportunity to come and see images from past clients and even SPEAK to those clients. Hear their experiences. They will hopefully tell you great things, but they will also tell you details about what might not have been as great. The point is that you will get an entirely honest and informative view of OWN boudoir. 


Are you a past client that is basically a professional model now that you've have your shoot?

  • Come back and say "hey" and let's hang out! Bring your friends because we will have some specials going on AND we have cool things for you, too. 


Come meet me (Sarah), and some of the OWN Boudoir team. We will drink champagne, show off boudoir photos, meet our photographers, tour the studio, pick up a few hair and makeup tips, book your own boudoir session, win boudoir prizes, and generally have an amazing time with us! That's a long list of fun but if you want to add to it let me know!

We'll provide the champagne and snacks (get excited about the amount of cheese and cupcakes that will be there), you show up and mooch off of us for a couple of hours! We'll have boudoir door-prizes, contests to win, gift bags, BUT MOST OF ALL YOU GET TO MEET SOME OF THE OWN TEAM. It's a big deal.

When you're walking in to the studio and you're T-1hr from stripping down into lingerie that you have just bought 4 days ago it can be SLIGHTLY nerve-racking. 


Come say hello.

Let me feed you snacks and give you gifts. It'll be fun and a great way to top off your weekend! 

Here's a sneak peek of the shenanigans we'll have. Remember typing 'BOOBS' into your calculators in school using '80085'? So do we :) 

Here's a sneak peek of the shenanigans we'll have. Remember typing 'BOOBS' into your calculators in school using '80085'? So do we :) 

We hope to see you guys there!!! RSVP (and get exclusive tickets) HERE

Boudoir Interview!!!! | Atlanta boudoir

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Reading the words of past clients and hearing them talk about their OWN experience helps me (Sarah) and the OWN team know where we went right. When past clients have come in for a 2nd (or third or fourth or fifth) go around, then we REALLY pay attention... and you should to. 

We first met this lovely woman a couple of years ago (as she tells you in this interview). She was going through some things and I love that we were able to reconnect again for her second shoot with us. She brought in some custom made cowboy boots, so just wait until you see those. She also is one of the most caring and focused people I've ever met and that makes me feel so honored that she chose us again. I basically just want to sing her praises for the next 72 paragraphs, but I'll spare you and let you figure it out yourself. 

Read on, 


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1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)?

 27 years old 


2) What do you do for a living?

NICU Registered Nurse 

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3) What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session?

My first session was 2 years ago. I was single at the time. Struggling with self esteem and self image my whole life because of constant bullying in school. I suffer from a birth injury that resulted in a alter walking gait. Of course kids always point these things out which in return made me very self conscious and shy. As an adult I have worked hard on myself to break through those emotions, however at 25 I still felt like I had so much farther to go. That’s when I heard about boudoir and thought this might be just what I need to over come my childhood insecurity and feel like  the confident, beautiful woman I had become. 


4) Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir?

My fears were of course taking the photos and only seeing everything I hate about my body. I gained over 30lbs in college, and struggled to loose the weight while working 12 hour night shifts at the hospital. When I decided to do my first boudoir shoot I also decided to live a healthier life style and was able to loose 30lbs and feel better in the long run. 

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5) Why did you choose OWN? 

Honestly, I did a shoot with a local photographer in Rome GA. The finish product was not what I had imagined . So, I went to google and read reviews, looked at portfolios and that’s where I found OWN. 


6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?

It was nothing like I expected! My first session with another photographer I had to bring my own lingerie and come up with my own location and posses. That photographer didn’t really encourage me or couch me. It was a very awkward experience, so I was very nervous that that was just how these sessions would be. However, from the first email with Sarah the experience was completely different. She was very responsive, encouraging and knowledgeable. She also took care of everything from make up, hair, backdrop, and poses. She made me feel like a very important super model. A strange yet empowering experience. That’s when I realized it’s not about the pictures, it’s about the entire experience that gives you that confidence you are looking for. 


7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (priming, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc)

My favorite part was shooting and of course seeing the images. The sessions were both just so much fun, but of course nothing beats the excitement of seeing the finished product where it super hard to only pick a few imagines to take home. 

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8) How has the response been to your images?

At the time of my first image they were just for me. Not long after the first session I found a great guy who I am not engaged to two years later. He loves those first pictures I did. He uses one as my contact photo on his phone. He has not seen my bridal picture yet, however after hearing his responses to the first photos. I was able to really focus on the things he loves about me physically in the bridal session. I can’t wait for him to see those at our wedding. 


9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session?

Just do it! Like Nike, haha. You will not regret it. Especially, if you struggle with self image or scares those seen and unseen you need this. It will allow you to see the real you not just the altered version of yourself that can be painful to look at . When you have this experience and have those photos it makes those ruts we all get into thinking about how we wish we looked like a celebrity that much easier to get through and realize you are one of a kind and beautiful just the way you are. 


10) Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of this session?

I have always struggled with a mentality that I assume everyone only sees my disability. I always get theses feelings that people are not

Going to like me or think I’m beautiful  or sexy because of my birth injury. My 2 sessions have really helped me over come those feeling of feeling like I am never good enough and that is with more then any therapy I could have experienced. 


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Now there's a new way to book your boudoir session | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Scheduling your boudoir session has just gotten so much easier, plus you can do it in your PJs (or naked!)

If you're anything like my when it comes to scheduling anything (workout classes, nail appointments, doctor appointments, movie tickets, etc) you end up doing it at 11:23pm on a Tuesday after you've completed all of your other tasks that require your attention during the day. For that reason, scheduling online is a lifesaver!

With scheduling online you don't have to worry about leaving a voicemail (which strikes fear in the hearts of everyone I know) and you can have your calendar pulled up for accurate access. There is no back and forth with emails to try and figure out a time that works best for you. It's simply done with a click of your mouse and then you can move on to browsing the internet for that video of the raccoon scaling a skyscraper. 

We've recently created an online scheduling calendar that you can use to book your boudoir session with us! If you've poured over our blog and perused our instagram then you're pretty prepped on our boudoir experience and you'd be able to walk in and do this with your eyes closed. 

Take a look at our calendar and book your boudoir session now!

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