Lingerie alterations for your boudoir shoot? You bet!

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It’s all about the fit when it comes to lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot, and luckily we’ve got the perfect solution!

Did you know that you can get your lingerie altered or tailored? Say you find the perfect bodysuit for your boudoir session, only the straps are a little too long, or the bra cups don’t sit quite right. This is a perfect example of an appropriate time to run by an alterations place! Crotch hanging too low in your underwear? Alterations! Nightgown need a bit of shaping and cinching at the waist? Alterations!

Lingerie that fits will not only make sure you look great on camera for your shoot, but it will ensure that you feel great when you put it on.

So, go ahead and buy that piece that fits everything but might be a LITTLE loose in the bust… alterations will make sure that it is basically custom made just for you. ❤️


(here I am trying on a bustier at Anna Bella Fine Lingerie in Atlanta! We send clients here and to Trashy Diva for their boudoir shoot. I loved this bustier but would have needed to get it altered on the middle straps just s little because they had a small gap from too much slack!)