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It’s easy, it’s slimming, it goes with everything, it makes up 90% of your closet.


You know it’s true. No matter how much you want to branch out from those perfect black pieces of clothing every time you see a piece of clothing that looks like it is even THINKING of not being black you look at it and then retreat into your wardrobe hole like a groundhog afraid of it’s shadow (or really like US afraid to come out of the dressing room).

I’ve been there, I AM there, I am preaching to the choir. Because I know that it’s so easy to fall into the warm snuggly arms of a black wardrobe I knew that I needed to do some research on a few color options that could be almost as comfortable as black. Don’t worry, I’m not going to force you (or myself) to jump feet-first into hot pink and bright cerulean blue. Here are my suggestions for branching out of the black hole (see what I did there?):

1) GREY!!!

You should have seen this coming. Grey is just black that has reached puberty and is trying out a new look, but it doesn’t forget it’s roots. Grey is exploring itself. Grey is fantastic and open to new ideas. You have light grey, dark grey, yellow-ish grey, pink-is grey. Grey has so much versatility but it’s still so close to black that it is practical for everyday viewing and wearing. Grey is the first step in breaking up the monotony of black.

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2) Navy blue

Navy Blue is grey’s best friend. They like all of the same things, they look good with all of the same accessories (except sometimes navy blue doesn’t get along with black, it just depends on how light navy is feeling), and they have so many different versions of themselves to go with anything. Navy is a gorgeous color to be photographed in and is a flattering color on everybody. This is because most people do not have a blue-ish undertone in their skin and so navy doesn’t bring out any unwanted skin issues or make someone appear paler than they actually are.

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3) Hunter and Emerald green

Think of these greens as fraternal twins. They are born from the same beautiful mixture, but they look and behave pretty differently. In our case, though, they behave very similarly with regards to wardrobe. They flatter, they surprise, they evoke a sense of richness… these greens make you want to touch the clothing that they cover, which is especially great for your boudoir session. Wink wink ;)

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And there you have it, a solid few colors to break up the black void. Again, I am preaching to myself, here. Currently I’m wearing a bright yellow shirt and I’m definitely uncomfortable but I’ve gotten SO many compliments on it… so I know that I made the right decision. There is absolutely nothing wrong with black, in fact a LOT of wardrobe pieces look better when they are black, but let’s not make your entire boudoir session an exhibition on the color black. Let’s show YOU off in the best way (which might mean navy or ::gasp:: red).

**Some additional favorite options of ours: deep purples and deep reds

See you soon!!!

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