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“I love the white tank top look”


There are very few wardrobe ideas that have been consistently popular for each of the 7 years (whoa nelly) that I’ve been photographing boudoir. Trends of course change as styles change. For example: I haven’t seen a pink-leopard-print-rhinestone-bra circa Victoria’s Secret 2012 in a LONG time. 

Are you looking for a staple boudoir outfit that won’t make you say “Oh hello 2018” when you look back at your images? You’ve got to think about using a basic white tank top. 

Of course white tanks can be anything BUT basic. Add some lace, make it tight, make it loose, cut it into a crop top, spray it down with water, rip some holes in it… we can get incredibly creative with such a “basic” wardrobe item. 

Finding the perfect white tank top for your boudoir session is not a difficult task. Some of my favorite shots were taken with a $2 tank top from Forever21…granted it only lasted for one shoot, but hey who cares?! 

The great part about this look? It’s easy to wear at home (or in someone else’s home ;)). No 30 min dressing sessions in the bathroom while you try to clip on your thigh highs and lace up your corset. 

Here are a few places to shop for the perfect white tank top:


  1. - Consistently has a great selection 
  2. - Such a wide variety of options and sizes! Plus free shipping/returns
  3. - Looking for a ‘one and done’ tank top for $2? Here is your place
  4. Hanes 4 packs of men’s tanks- the classic staple found at most Targets and WalMarts. We usually with cut them to the perfect length during your session

And now... a gallery of some of my favorite white tank images!!!