A look back in time | Atlanta Boudoir photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Occasionally I'll look back at my past work to see just how far I've come, but also to revisit some of my favorite boudoir session. 

Looking back on my past work is definitely eye-opening. I can see how my style has evolved over the years and I can also ask myself WTF I was thinking when I edited a photo in a certain way. Luckily I have resisted most of the editing trends over the last 5 years and so my past work is more consistent with my current style than when I was first starting out as a boudoir photographer. We love to get in touch with our past clients and have recently started congratulating clients on their 'Boudoir-aversary'! When we reach out to celebrate boudoir-aversaries I tend to look back at those past sessions. I say this to say, I've now gone down an insane rabbit hole of past sessions and I'm currently deep into the year 2013. 

As I've gone down this boudoir photography rabbit hole I have pulled a few of my favorite images from the past! Here are just a few boudoir images that I vividly remember taking. I've got about 40K final images to go through, so this was definitely just a quick skim :) 

Side note: We're having a little shindig on July 15th! This is for past clients, current clients, and future clients alike! Come say hello, see some favorite images, drink our drinks, and win some prizes. Link for (free) tickets: HERE