Now there's a new way to book your boudoir session | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Scheduling your boudoir session has just gotten so much easier, plus you can do it in your PJs (or naked!)

If you're anything like my when it comes to scheduling anything (workout classes, nail appointments, doctor appointments, movie tickets, etc) you end up doing it at 11:23pm on a Tuesday after you've completed all of your other tasks that require your attention during the day. For that reason, scheduling online is a lifesaver!

With scheduling online you don't have to worry about leaving a voicemail (which strikes fear in the hearts of everyone I know) and you can have your calendar pulled up for accurate access. There is no back and forth with emails to try and figure out a time that works best for you. It's simply done with a click of your mouse and then you can move on to browsing the internet for that video of the raccoon scaling a skyscraper. 

We've recently created an online scheduling calendar that you can use to book your boudoir session with us! If you've poured over our blog and perused our instagram then you're pretty prepped on our boudoir experience and you'd be able to walk in and do this with your eyes closed. 

Take a look at our calendar and book your boudoir session now!

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