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Spring is here, spring break has (or is) happening, April weekends are full of sunshine, pollen, and bachelorette parties. What comes after the bachelorette party? The wedding!!!

What comes before the wedding (and is quite possibly the best gift to ever exist in the history of gifts)?

Your boudoir session. 


That's right, folks. Wedding season is upon us and is in full swing. Each week we cover the studio in veils, garters, white lace, and dreams of getting the hell out of Atlanta and on to the honeymoon. Bridal boudoir is the perfect way to kick off your wedding festivities and you've got the added benefit of having a collection of beautiful images of you to remember this time in your life. Oh....AND they make a great gift for your fiancé ;) 

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Lately we've had brides give their fiancés a collection of boudoir images as wedding gifts... but they are choosing "alternative" times in order to present the gift! 

A few alternative situations which our ladies are giving their boudoir images?

  • Before the bachelor/bachelorette party
  • The night of the rehearsal dinner
  • During a private moment in-between the wedding and the reception
  • Texting one or two photos a day for the week leading up to the wedding (and not saying a WORD when asked about the photos ;))
  • Secretly packing their boudoir album in their fiancé's suitcase for them to discover on the honeymoon. 


Have you booked your bridal boudoir session yet? Do you know someone that NEEDS to have this done? 

Get in touch right here!!! 

Putting the "honey" in honeymoon,


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