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In the spirit of the seasons (oh hey Easter bunnies!) I posted this boudoir image a couple of days ago! It's fitting, don't you think? 


Once I posted the image I knew immediately that I wanted to use it as an example for the various boudoir wardrobes we get in studio! Boudoir wardrobe don't have to be all lingerie, heck they don't have to be lingerie at all! We photograph a variety of wardrobe options and they add personality every time. 

Here are some boudoir "wardrobe" additions we've had (to name a few):



Ass-less chaps

Fire-fighter uniform

Top Hat

Masquerade mask

Kitchen Aprons

Gun Holsters

Angel Wings

Ballerina tu-tus


....and the list goes on

Have an idea you'd like to run by us or a wardrobe you want to try out for YOUR boudoir session? Let's make it your OWN!


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