Where in the world is OWN? | Atlanta boudoir photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Wondering if OWN boudoir will be near you? Here is an update on our travel schedule for 2018! Take a look to check out the opportunities for you to schedule your boudoir session outside of Atlanta! 


So far for 2018, we'll be boudoir shootin' in these areas!

March 27-29th, 2018- Los Angeles (Long beach area), CA

April 7-9th, 2018- Dallas, TX

August 2-4th, 2018- Chicago, IL

August 15-16th, 2018- Albany, NY

August 20-24th, 2018- Lake George, NY

November 2-5th, 2018- Denver, CO


Are we in your area? Know someone that would jump for joy to know that we are in their area? Then give us a shout! 

 It's a perfect time for you to take advantage of how close we will be! Plan your boudoir session now and get a head start on your gifts (to yourself or to someone else!) for the year. 

Stop saying "someday when...."


Contact us here!


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