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Looking for a few recommendations on where to go in preparation for your boudoir session? We've got them right here! 


Your boudoir session doesn't start when you walk through our studio doors, your boudoir session starts the moment you get in touch with us. We get all of the scheduling out of the way (that's a huge part of it... I mean, we have to set a date for this party!) and then we start the fun stuff. Fun stuff means fun mail, fun e-mails, fun shopping, fun Pinterest-ing, fun packing, and whatever else brings you joy in preparation for this super-fun time. I of course had to throw "fun" back in there one more time. 

Clients ask us all of the time where to go to prepare for specific parts of their boudoir sessions. We're here to help, and while we've got a specific list that we send out to our clients, I thought I'd make it known to everyone...regardless of whether or not your prepping to have some super-hot (and fun, did I say that?) photos made of you.

However, before I do that... we want to here from YOU! I want to know what your favorite places to shop for lingerie are. Tell me where you get your nails done! Where do you get spray tanned? Who cares for your skin? Do you have a favorite workout? What's your favorite luggage bag that can house a billion bras?

I'm compiling a list of "fan favorites" and can't wait to share! 

In love and tasteful nudes, 


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