Here's a unique wardrobe idea! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Looking for a unique wardrobe idea for your boudoir session that doesn't necessarily involve whips and chains or a bendy-ness of a Yogi to get into? Look no further than leg warmers! 


I absolutely LOVED the leg-warmer look that a client brought in last week! It's also been especially cold here in Atlanta lately, so the leg-warmers were almost a necessity. Someone move me to Miami, stat.

Leg warmers are easy to get in to (a huge plus) and really change the direction of an outfit! Here we paired leg warmers with a black lace bralette set! By itself this set could be paired with heels or thigh-highs to create a more "late night" sexy vibe. With the leg warmers added we were able to create a more "saturday morning sexy" vibe. Let's all clap for variety!!! 

Here are a few of my favorite images from this boudoir set. Take note that this look can also be achieved by using thigh-high socks!